How We Must Continue to Live Safely with Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) officials warned that Coronavirus will stay with us for a long time.

“Make no mistake, we have a long way to go. The virus will be with us for a long time,” WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press conference at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva. Moreover, the risk of repeated waves of the infection is possible even after the current wave wanes. There are also reports of reinfection after a person is cured of Coronavirus infection.

Prevention is Far More Important than Treatment

We must be ready for a long time without any vaccine and a definite course of treatment for Coronavirus (although the recent recovery rate in India is quite high) and prepare ourselves so that we don’t’ contract the disease in the first place.

Coronavirus can create symptoms from 2 to 14 days of infection and therefore contagion from asymptomatic carriers is quite high. The best way to fortify ourselves is to boost our immunity.

It is important to eat healthy food, especially food rich in vitamins, zinc, and protein, and avoid junk food. Drinking adequate water and exposing your body to the sun is highly beneficial as the sun helps synthesise vitamin D (an immunity booster) in our body.

A regular workout is a must. This helps better circulation and reduces other health problems like blood-sugar, hypertension, stress, and increases general well-being.

Maintain Personal Hygiene and Social Distancing

We must make certain facets of personal hygiene as parts of the new normal. Using hand sanitizers, not touching mouth, nose, or eyes must be maintained at all times. Washing hands frequently will be the new must-follow habit.

Wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is the new normal in workplaces, markets, and public transport. Preference should be given to using own vehicles when possible, using digital transactions rather than currency notes, and insisting on contactless food/grocery deliveries.

Insisting on sanitized workplaces with regular cleaning of doorknobs to keys can make the difference between a Coronavirus infection and remain healthy. We need to be wary of visits to shopping and entertainment centres, and minimize train and air travel.

Are We Going to Be Paranoid about Cleanliness?

Yes, we are, and in good measure. Neglect of cleanliness can be really dangerous.

Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces like and steel and plastic for as long as 72 hours and there is a chance of infection during this period. To keep us out of harm’s way, we must take pre-caution to clean these surfaces.

Viruses are assemblies of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates and need living cells to thrive. Therefore, outside your body, the Coronavirus is as good as ‘dead’. It cannot do anything to surfaces but you can be affected, if you touch the contaminated surface, and therefore, this is what you need to be careful of.

Viruses do not grow on food but raw vegetables can be a good vehicle for it. Therefore, buy them wearing a pair of gloves, and wash them thoroughly with salt and water when you are back at home. Nowadays, cleaning solutions for washing fruits and vegetables are available in e-commerce stores.

It is best to avoid eating raw food/salads now. Cooked food minimises the risk of infection. Make sure food is properly cooked. If you use raw vegetables in salads, clean these with extra care.

Our morning newspapers are safe but if you are in doubt, opt for the digital version.

When taking delivery from an agent, avoid any contact. Take delivery in an empty box or an empty table. Prefer digital payment rather than paying in currency notes and receiving loose change. Use hand sanitizer while touching objects you receive from outside. Dispose of the packets fast, wash with soap and water or wipe with spirit whenever possible.

Coronavirus can remain airborne for as much as 30 minutes in aerosolised form, and changing clothes is a good idea when you return home from outside.

Health Consciousness is Going to be the New Normal

Concern about health and safety is surely going to be the new normal in the foreseeable future. Especially, children and the aged must be taken care of as they are more vulnerable.

It is important to download the Arogya Setu app on your mobile phone and keep it active and it will notify you when you come near any Coronavirus infected person. If you feel sick, immediately visit a doctor and meanwhile, isolate yourself from your family members.

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