Why Should People Purchase Flat In Newtown Kolkata?

Newtown looks like an island of well-laid-out structural symmetry in the otherwise chaotic culture of Kolkata. Buying a flat in Newtown Kolkata has its unique advantages.

Moreover, Newtown is different in many ways.

There are quite a few reasons why people are preferring to buy a home here. There are compelling advantages to doing so.

What are the advantages of living in Newtown? Why it is such a big draw among a certain section of homebuyers?

We will figure that out in a moment but before that, let us discuss the livability elements of Newtown.

A Neat and Clean Township

As you travel to Newtown, you are struck by the overall cleanliness of the area.

The roads are clean, with no dirt on the street, and no garbage at the roadside as is common in Kolkata.

It is also a well-decorated township. Roads and traffic intersections are decorated aesthetically with statues, models, and artistic expressions. Moreover, they are well-maintained along with the roads and quite pleasing to the eyes.

Another reason why it is so spick and span is the absence of roadside food stalls. Also, there are designated markets for vegetables and fish and there is no roadside vegetable market. You won’t see even tea shops by the side of the streets.

Moreover, the population is sparse and the noise level is rather low. Newtown is strikingly calm and quiet compared to Kolkata. Many young homebuyers wish to live in calm and clean surroundings and prefer to buy a flat in Newtown Kolkata.

This is one of the reasons why the township attracts so many homebuyers who want to live in neat and clean surroundings, beyond the hustle and bustle of noisy Kolkata.

Reliable and Fast Improving Connectivity

Newtown is having excellent connectivity with all parts of Kolkata in general and with Salt Lake Sector 5, the airport, and the EM Bypass in particular.

You can approach Newtown from the VIP Road, and the EM Bypass via Salt Lake Sector 5.

You can easily approach the airport via the VIP Road, and almost all of Kolkata from the EM Bypass.

The roads in Newtown are wide, devoid of any encroachment, and designed for fast traffic movement. And there is ample public transport available in Newtown.

Alternatively, you can take the Metro from Salt Lake Sector 5 which is close by, and travel as far as Sealdah now. Once the East-West Metro is fully operational, you can travel to Esplanade and Howrah easily from Newtown in air-conditioned comfort.

Connectivity will further improve once Airport-Garia Metro is completed. Work is going on at a frantic pace and the residents of Newtown will particularly benefit from this Metro line.

This line will also act as a fast means of communication within Newrown. Further, you will be able to travel to Salt Lake Sector 5 and catch the East-West Metro from where both lines intersect.

Sophisticated Community

The composition of Newtown residents is very different from Kolkata.

While Kolkata is traditionally very cosmopolitan with a community of different income levels, cultures, and sophistication, Newtown is very different. It is much more cohesive in terms of culture and most residents are broadly like-minded.

The community in Newtown largely consists of middle-class white-collar corporate executives or businessmen.

The community has very modern urban values. There is freedom from any social judgement and unnecessary interference in neighbours’ affairs.

Culturally too, the community in Newtown is quite homogeneous compared to the cultural ethos of Kolkata.

Homebuyers who have spent a considerable time in other cities of India or abroad prefer to buy a flat in Newtown Kolkata as they are habituated to living in rather open societies.

Newtown is wide and spacious. The township was built in a planned manner with substantial open spaces everywhere. You do not have the unmistakable feeling of congested living in Newtown as you feel in Kolkata. 

Schools and Colleges

If you live in Newtown, you will find that there are adequate schools for your children within the township itself. There is no need to send your children away from Newtown.

Apart from that, there is hardly any fear of getting late for school or being late coming back home because traffic snarls are rare in Newtown.

Now let us see what are some of the nearby schools:

  1. The Newtown School
  2. Delhi Public School Newtown
  3. DPS Megacity
  4. Orchids International School
  5. Narayana e-Techno School
  6. Bodhicariya Senior Secondary School Board (BSSS)
  7. Vels Global School

Besides these schools, students can get admitted to various schools in the Salt Lake area as Salt Lake is not far from Newtown. There are quite a good number of premium schools in Salt Lake, especially if you live in a flat in Newtown Action Area 1.

There are also some colleges and even university campuses in Newtown and adjacent areas.

  1. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Government College
  2. Derozio Memorial College
  3. Techno International Newtown
  4. Derozio Memorial College
  5. University of Engineering & Management, Kolkata
  6. Sister Nivedita University
  7. St. Xavier’s University (Newtown)
  8. Amity University Kolkata
  9. Aliah University

Healthcare Facilities

It is important to have modern healthcare facilities near your home so that you can reach them fast in case of any emergency. This can often become vital in the case of senior citizens.

Newtown is dotted with excellent healthcare facilities and reaching fast in case of any emergency is not a problem as traffic snarls are rare in Newtown.

The following are some of the top healthcare establishments in Newtown:

  1. Ohio Hospital
  2. Apollo Clinic Newtown
  3. Tata Medical Centre
  4. Charnock Hospital
  5. Lotus Hospital
  6. Ujjiban Multi Specialty Hospital
  7. HCG EKO Cancer Centre
  8. Disha Eye Hospital
  9. Geetanjali Hospital
  10. Narayana Eye Hospital (Salt Lake Sector 5)

Apart from the above, there are also other hospitals/nursing homes in Salt Lake and in and around EM Bypass and they are easily accessible from Newtown.

Shopping and Entertainment

There is no dearth of shopping centres in Newtown.

Apart from the usual markets where you can buy regular household provisions, you can indulge in an evening of shopping in a mall, and watch a movie.

There is Axis Mall as well as City Centre 2 where you can get the complete mall experience — shopping, eating out, and watching movies. Besides, there are other shopping centres such as:

  1. Galaxy Mall
  2. Centrus Mall
  3. DLF Newtown Heights Plaza
  4. Central
  5. Downtown Mall
  6. NBCC shopping Centre
  7. Newtown Square
  8. Eden Shop
  9. Reliance Smart Bazar
  10. Shoppers Stop

Another interesting feature of Newtown is the profusion of eating-out options, especially in some sectors. There are amazing restaurants at Novotel Hotel, City Centre 2, and Axis Mall besides standalone restaurants. Some of the highly reputed restaurant brands are already present here and more are coming. You can experience a variety of cuisine here.

Newtown boasts of awesome cafes and the Newtown Coffee House is highly patronised by people.

Newtown is a well-planned township. Even the need for cultural enjoyment and parks for spending a day out is also present.

Rabindra Tirtha, Nazrul Tirtha, and Charveda Institute are prominent cultural centres in Newtown. And you can spend a day at Eco Park or an afternoon at the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art.

Property Buying Options

Newtown is divided into 3 sectors — Action Area 1, Action Area 2, and Action Area 3.

Action Area 1 is closest to Salt Lake Sector 5 is a highly desired location. If you buy a flat in Action Area 1 Newtown you can expect higher price appreciation.

However, property prices are higher compared to other locations, and buying a flat in Action Area 1 in Newtown is a somewhat costly affair and options are rather limited.

Action Area 2 is witnessing a good many new projects and resale flats and if you want to buy a flat here, your options are higher. Moreover, the prices of apartments are less than the apartments in Action Area 1.

Action Area 3, close to Rabindra Tirtha crossing, is comparatively affordable. If you have a modest budget and wish to buy a 2 BHK flat in Newtown Kolkata, Action Area 3 is your best bet. You can give us a call for a detailed advisory on buying a property in Newtown.

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