10 Awesome Steps to a Happier Home in 10 Minutes

A home is not merely a place of stay but a receptacle of sharing love, laughter, occasional sadness, and togetherness. We spend a lot of our lives in our homes, and unless we fill them with happiness, we will be alone in our families.

Covid pandemic has reminded us of the need for living in a happy and supportive environment. We must take care of our minds as much as we take care of our physical health, otherwise, we will run the risk of adopting destructive behavior.

We must never miss any opportunity to share a laugh, sing a song even if we are not great singers, and discuss fond memories such as an awesome travel experience in a place and how funny it was. And we must consciously make an effort to make our homes islands of happiness every single day.

Here are quick 10 awesome steps to a happier and brighter home.

  1. As soon as you get up in the morning, open the windows to let the sunlight in. Sunlight immediately lifts up our moods because exposure to sunlight releases some mood-elevating chemicals called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.
  2. Always set your cushions, pillows in order. Keep your bed arranged neatly. A spick and span home is a great mood-lifter. Regularly change your cushion and pillow covers as this will kill boredom and freshen up your home.
  3. Start a habit of gardening if you don’t already have one. Gardening is not only a creative habit but is a great stress-buster The joy of watching your plants grow, flowers bloom, and fruits ripen is unparalleled.
  4. Consider adopting a pet such as a dog. Dogs are extremely loyal friends of humans. They make excellent companions and help anyone to overcome stress and loneliness. Also, they are well-loved by children.
  5. Listen to music, and sometimes, don’t hesitate to turn up the volume. Music works like therapy to make us happy. In fact, you must invest in a good music system and listen to music along with other family members. Discuss the pros and cons of a musical piece, musicians, singers, and these sessions will make everyone perceptibly contented.
  6. Use aromatic oils, incense sticks often to calm down your nerves. Lavender essential oil and incense sticks are the most popular choices, but you can also use lemongrass or sandalwood. The aroma of essential oils boosts mood, relieves stress, and increases focus.
  7. Regularly deep clean your home. For enhancing the quality of your life, it is essential to inculcate the habit of cleanliness in your life. It is very important to imbibe cleanliness among children. We all know now how important it is to ward off infectious diseases.
  8. Celebrate even small opportunities. Besides social and religious festivals, celebrate every personal win of everyone in the family. Celebrate a great job done at the office, your child doing well in a class test, and even the advent of rains. Look for any opportunity for a celebration, but you do not need elaborate and expensive arrangements to do so.
  9. Focus on your home décor regularly. Make small changes regularly so that your home looks fresh. For example, change the cushion covers, or hang some different photographs of your memories on the walls. How about changing the photograph of the family in a desert safari with the one in the hills?
  10. This is so obvious that we often ignore this completely. Spend quality time with the family members, especially the children. These days, the stress of being cooped up in homes without meeting friends is telling on them. Add to this the pressure of attending online classes regularly. Spend time with them. Tell a story and laugh together, listen to a song together, maybe even join them for a dance.

In short, you must take some small actions every day to make your home a happy one. These small actions will have a multiplier effect to turn home into a place where everyone realizes that life is a long celebration.

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