What Freedom can Mean to a Homebuyer in 2021?

We are living in times of acute uncertainty, massive disruption, and serious insecurity. The raging pandemic has exposed the fault lines of our mundane urban existence, and we are finding it overwhelming to cope with it.

We have experienced insecurities regarding our health, jobs, relationships and often feel that we have got entrapped into an invisible prison. At the same time, we feel that we must escape from this prison. Our spirits must be free of any insecurity.

Freedom can mean different things to different people. But one thing is certain, we must make a concerted attempt to free ourselves of any prison, real or imaginary, where we are bound.

Let’s explore how our situation incarcerates us how to escape from those prisons.

A Roof over Our Heads — Freedom from Rented Homes

As soon as we start working, we must plan for buying our own homes. Own home provides a great sense of security, peace, and freedom from changing homes regularly.

Owning a home is not only a matter of great satisfaction but also a sign of basic success and social acceptance.

It is very difficult to stay in rented homes for years on end, as the tension of constant house-hunting, lack of social acceptance, and the risk of conflict with the landlord are omnipresent.

In fact, we must free ourselves from rented homes in this opportune time while the home loan interest rate is low, and various other incentives for homebuyers are still running.

Investing in Our Children’s Future

The need for getting our children properly settled is what binds us to all our efforts and actions. We must consciously invest in their future beyond only good schooling.

It is important that they must grow up to be great human beings with empathy, community feeling, a positive mindset, and high moral and ethical values. This starts from the early years in school, in the family, and in the neighbourhood.

A great neighbourhood contributes towards the proper growth of young souls.

Gated residential communities with the innate bond of togetherness are usually great places for children to grow up among like-minded friends, games and sports, and festivities where everybody in the community joins in.

Investing in a Healthy Life

Failing to invest in our health can bind us to a life of poor performance and throw us into a life of constant suffering and fear of medical emergencies. It is vital that we free ourselves of unhealthy practices and adopt healthy habits.

When it comes to the question of health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicines. These days, most residential complexes are designed with this in mind. A well-equipped gym, jogging track, yoga deck, meditation room, swimming pool, and other sports amenities are parts of almost every residential complex.

Homebuyers must consider the ‘health’ amenities very seriously before buying an apartment. Sometimes, paying a little more upfront for them can save a lot on medical bills.

Freedom from Standalone Buildings

It is often alluring to buy an apartment in a standalone building. They lack elaborate amenities and are therefore cheaper. Moreover, a standalone building will be handed over much faster than a residential complex. There is also the advantage of lower maintenance cost as there are very few amenities.

However, standalone buildings are self-limiting in a variety of ways. And increasingly homebuyers are preferring residential complexes for a plethora of advantages.

Residential complexes develop into large like-minded communities and there is a lot of social inclusion, unlike standalone buildings. Homeowners share their joys together and celebrate festivals together. This instills a sense of belongingness which is extremely beneficial for our mental health. Children are particularly fond of such environments.

As an apartment complex has spacious social spaces like a club, games room, garden, and community halls where you regularly meet and interact with other like-minded residents, you can feel as if you are a part of an extended family.

Residential complexes come with elaborate amenities, better security, and facility management infrastructure. This is particularly important if you have senior citizens in your family.

We can clearly see that we are responsible for the choices we make and if we make the right choices, we can be free of worries and stress. Always contact a professional home marketing organization to help you make a better, informed choice.

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