Will Hyderabad Metro Solve Future Traffic Problems?

It is aptly said that the managers solve the problems of today, while the leaders solve the problems of tomorrow.

While Hyderabad is not suffering from huge traffic snarls except some traffic jams in some areas during peak hours, the decision to construct Hyderabad Metro Rail was taken looking at the future growth of the city.

Hyderabad Metro Rail is expected to be a truly modern mass rapid transport system. It will benefit the city in a number of ways.

Metro Rail Promises a Shade of Relief to City Commuters

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) Managing Director N.V.S. Reddy, while addressing officials at the Metro Rail Bhavan, said that the upcoming metro rail project will transform Hyderabad into a global city. He also assured that the Metro will play a crucial role in the betterment of citizens’ lives. “We are building a different metro rail system which nobody in the world is building and Hyderabad Metro Rail is not just a simple metro but an effort to transform Hyderabad into a people-friendly green city,” N.V.S. Reddy said.

Hyderabad, being an IT hub of the country, needs to make sure that the city’s commuters reach their workplace on time and do not get delayed due to the lack of rapid transport. Explaining the significance of the metro rail project, which will connect almost all the key areas of the city, N.V.S. Reddy said that “everybody is keenly watching the progress of Hyderabad Metro Rail project, which is the world’s largest mass transit project in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode”.

If all goes well, in a few years from now, Hyderabad’s Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) will dramatically improve the traffic situation as well as the living condition of the city.

Metro will Improve the Health of the City Dwellers

Rapid urbanisation in India has resulted in an exponential increase in vehicle population in our city roads. This has resulted in traffic jams, and major air and sound pollution.

A well running Metro Rail can be a major contributor to reducing carbon emissions. It is expected that there will be some check on the growth of car population on roads and less traffic jam, air, and sound pollution.

A green Hyderabad is indeed beneficial the local citizens as it would provide them much respite from the heat and adverse weather conditions. Greenery is much soothing to the eyes and also provides attractive surroundings to live in. Although Hyderabad is undoubtedly green now, it is hoped that with the arrival of Hyderabad Metro Rail, the green surroundings will be enhanced further.

Hyderabad Metro will Make Travel Safer for Women

The current public transport system is not adequate and travel time is often high. For a large number of women, reduction in travel time will be a boon as it will help them to reach their destinations fast and more importantly, safely.

This will help many more women to venture out for pursuing careers.

Hyderabad Metro is going to take ample measures to make it a safe journey for women.

It is taking an initiative called Nirbhaya Commute, which is the brainchild of HMR MD Mr. N.V.S. Reddy.

Some of the measures to strengthen safety and security include:
• Constant monitoring of coaches and stations with the help of CCTV cameras.
• Deployment of women police personnel at stations and in coaches.
• Informing women commuters on how they can safeguard themselves while commuting.
• Using social media platforms to have a constant dialogue with the public to spread safety awareness.
• Use social media to solicit suggestions from the public on how to improve safety for women.

Travelling will be Comfortable without Strain

Driving in city traffic has its share of strain. It needs constant concentration on the part of the driver. Getting stuck in traffic jams can completely derail a professional’s schedule for the day, and missed meetings.

Often, traveling on road makes one tired and irritated which affects the work of executives.

Metro ride will be comfortable as traveling will be punctual, air conditioned, and free from noise and pollution.

Potential for Real Estate Growth along the Metro Route

A Metro station near your house has many advantages. It reduces travel time to work and elsewhere, frees you from the dependence on your car (and your driver), and you can return home after a busy day feeling much less tired.

In cities which already have a Metro saw real estate growth and property price increase along the Metro route. Home buyers are ready to pay a premium for the convenience of a Metro station near their homes.

Hyderabad can also see a similar phenomenon as time progresses.

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