Why is BT Road Fast Turning into a Hot Location for Home Buyers?

Kolkata appears to have come out of the hangover of long time underdevelopment, and the city is fast coming alive to much-improved facilities, cleanliness and urban infrastructure. One such stretch is B T Road which was somewhat neglected by the home-buyers for a long time has now become a highly preferred location for owning a home.

Earlier, B T Road was looked upon as a place with full of traffic jams and few urban amenities. It was considered as a place with little value, although close connectivity with Shyambazar and Metro was there. B T Road was thought of as a downmarket address to have.

Not any longer. B T Road, especially the Dunlop-Khardah stretch on the BT Road has witnessed a dramatic change, with fresh infrastructure and investments completely reshaping the landscape of the area.

The advent of quite a few large residential complexes with multiple amenities has surely changed the neighbourhoods and as the feedback from the recent home-buyers is very positive, many new people searching for a new home in a gated community is seriously considering this location.

Interestingly, new areas along the BT Road belt in North Kolkata stretching from Dunlop to Khardah are the most sought-after locations.

Availability of modern amenities, new road connectivity, flyovers, and a range of proposed developmental plans are turning out to be key demand drivers, heightening the appetite of home buyers to own properties in this locality.

Fast-paced infrastructure developments and growing access to basic amenities like schools, colleges, banks, ATMs, parks, restaurants, petrol pumps, and brand showrooms are adding to the ‘glamour quotient’, making the area a hotspot for the who’s who of the city.

BT Road: Then and Now

Although the Dunlop-Khardah stretch on the BT Road was well within the city limits, it never actually enjoyed the spotlight. The area, prior to 2011/2012, wore a shabby suburban look, almost praying for a makeover.

Not long back, just before 5 years, communication in these areas was in a sorry state, and getting a taxi, auto, or a bus was nothing short of winning a lottery. There were no residential complexes until the launch of Prasad Nagar, apart from a handful of low-key units.

There were no remarkable healthcare facilities available, not a single branded showroom, no multiplexes or supermarkets, and to top it all, no presence of good schools. Even the daily bazaars were nowhere to be seen, except at a few prominent junctions like Rathtala, Dunlop, Sodepur, Mollarhaat, etc.

The facade of BT Road started transforming from 2011/2012 onwards. Now, in 2017, the swanky residential locations along the four-lane Barrackpore Trunk Road can easily give the city’s upscale areas a run for their money.

Today, hypermarkets like Spencer’s and Vishal Mega Mart, food joints like Dominos, Super Specialty Hospitals, medicine chain outlets, diagnostic centres, banks, brand showrooms, and top-class educational institutions like Aryans School, Techno India, Vivekananda Mission, and Narayana School are adding value to the area abundantly.

BT Road: Hot Location for Home Buyers Now

In recent times, the big names in real estate have plunged into the scene with new launches with upmarket lifestyle amenities. For instance, the ones offered by Godrej Prakriti, Siddha Waterfront, Orchard County, Club Town Heights, Merlin Maximus, Space Aurum, Siddha Eden Lakeville, Dhoot Pratham, etc promise plush offerings and super-deluxe facilities, turning homes into a fashion statement.

Among the various lifestyle facilities that are being doled out are landscaped gardens, gymnasium, swimming pool, play area for kids, tennis court, meditation centre, cafeteria, library, community hall for screening movies or hosting parties, in-campus ATM, and Wi-Fi connectivity to name a few. Most of the posh apartments are under CCTV surveillance 24/7, offering the occupants security, and complete peace of mind.

There is a good supply of luxury high-rises in the Dunlop-Khardah stretch, because of its easy connectivity with the domestic and international airport, the central business district, and the city’s IT hub, Sector V. The completion of Noapara-Dakshineswar Metro can dramatically improve connectivity too.

Now that infrastructure and businesses are expanding at an unprecedented rate in these areas, there is hardly any possibility of a downside risk in home investments. However, early birds will have an edge over others, as prices can skyrocket faster than expected.

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