Southern Bypass — an Evolving Property Hotspot Homebuyers Prefer

Pralay’s life completely changed in the last 2 years. And that is for the better. He never expected this massive positive change in his life that happened recently.

Yet, 2 years back he was not so gung-ho with his life. He was not struggling in his career, but he was not doing so well as he is doing today.

He was pondering on this transformation while taking a walk on the walking trail in his residential complex. Taking a walk is a part of his existence. He gets his best ideas of twists in the plot, and how characters express themselves in his scripts.

Pralay, as you have rightly guessed by now, is a writer. A highly desired one in the burgeoning movies, TV soaps, and OTT industry. He needs to take a walk every day and sit down in peaceful surroundings for his creative juices to flow freely.

A Change of Surroundings

Pralay used to stay on rent near Garia and the cacophony of the place regularly hampered his work. He needed to focus, but he could not. Neither was there any scope of taking a walk nor sitting under a tree in front of a cool waterbody. His home was in a standalone building with no extra space.

Pralay always dreamt of living in a residential complex where daily hustle and bustle is not allowed to enter the premises.

However, the place must not be too far from the city as he needs to go to different movie producer’s offices, and meet directors quite often.

Comfortable and fast connectivity with different areas of the city is one of his priorities.

Apart from his present concerns, he also needs to consider settling down with Sumana, a budding TV actress, who is Pralay’s steady girlfriend for quite some time.

A Peaceful Home

Pralay and Sumana wanted to buy a flat in a gated community for various reasons. Privacy and ample space are just two of them.

They wanted to buy a home in South Kolkata as both of them need to go to studios and the industry is primarily in South Kolkata. For Sumana, being late at work is an occupational reality, and a home very far from her workplace would surely be inconvenient.

After a lot of consideration, Pralay and Sumana identified the Southern Bypass area for buying their home. Southern Bypass is a fast-growing property hotspot in Kolkata, and homebuyers are already giving their thumbs up to the locational advantages.

Convenient Connectivity

If there is one area in Kolkata which offers excellent connectivity with all the other parts of the city, it is definitely the Southern Bypass.

Strategically located near 2 Metro routes — Airport-Garia and Garia-Noapara can ensure easy connectivity. Besides, you can access all areas of the city easily via EM Bypass.

It is quite easy to commute to Salt Lake Sector 5, or even New Town office areas via EM Bypass without much traffic snarls even in office hours.

EM Bypass is also fast becoming a core area for Kolkata’s future development. EM Bypass is poised to transform into the main arterial road of the city. Earlier the Metro line between Tollygunge and Esplanade served as the main arterial road that helped in scaling up Park Street as the most prime location in the city.

Ample Choice of Properties in Different Budgets

The Southern Bypass area is developing into a real estate hotspot for homebuyers of different budgets. You can get a wide range of real estate projects — from affordable to high-end — to choose from. As noticed in Kolkata Property Market Report (Jul-Dec 2021), the Southern Bypass & Surroundings has witnessed high demand (29%) in Rs 1.01-1.5 crore segment followed by Garia, EM Bypass (28%).

This is one area where high-end bungalow townships are making their marks. For the discerning homebuyers, unique theme-based projects are also coming up.

Advanced Lifestyle Opportunities are Close by

EM Bypass has morphed into a lifestyle destination. With so many top hotels like ITC Sonar, ITC Royal Bengal, JW Marriott, or Gateway as well as posh restaurants, shopping malls, and multiplexes this area is the new go-to area in Kolkata.

Local Malls like Hiland Park, Mani Square, Metro Cash And Carry, and Acropolis (on the Kasba connector) house some of the leading eatery and other lifestyle brands in the city, providing high doses of entertainment to the cash-rich millennials.

The Southern Bypass area is highly accessible to these facilities on EM Bypass in a matter of minutes. Anybody can enjoy the relatively calm environment of the Southern Bypass but easily access the bustling EM Bypass.

Near the Healthcare Hub

When it comes to healthcare facilities, EM Bypass boasts some of the best. The stretch is dotted with reputed and renowned names such as Ruby, Fortis, Desun, Medica, Peerless, and RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, to name a few. This healthcare hub is quite easily accessible from the Southern Bypass. In the case of any medical emergency, medical treatment is only a few minutes away.

The proximity to so many top-of-the-line hospitals and nursing homes is another reason for homebuyers to prefer the Southern Bypass over other areas.

The Bottom Line

Southern Bypass and its surroundings are fast emerging as the next best thing in Kolkata’s real estate market. Educational institutions, shopping centres, entertainment zones, healthcare facilities are available close by.

Excellent connectivity by road and Metro is a definite plus. Infrastructure is expected to develop further in this area.

Lastly, a good choice of affordable, mid-budget, and premium homes is attracting homebuyers of different budget segments in this area.

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