How Important for Your Home to be Close to a Reliable Hospital?

In the early hours of a chilly December morning, Suchitra’s father was hit by something big. That ‘something’ nearly killed him.

Subir Chatterjee, Suchitra’s father is about 67 years old. After an uneventful working life in the Income Tax Department, he has been enjoying the quiet life of a retiree.

Staying in a gated community near EM Bypass, his life goes on in a predictable fashion. He makes it a point of going to the market every morning, as he loves his fish and veggies absolutely fresh. Besides, he meets known faces in the market and enjoys brief socializing with them.

Suchitra’s father always enjoyed reasonably good health. Fastidious about his evening strolls, he has been taking care of himself quite well, even after his wife’s death 4 years ago.

He was looking forward to some festivities during the forthcoming year-end holidays and the New Year. But that December morning changed everything.

Subir Chatterjee had a heart attack in that wee hour of the winter morning.

Time is of the Essence in a Medical Emergency

Subir Chatterjee had lost his wife in a sudden stroke late at night some years back. It was really an ordeal, a battle which, unfortunately, was lost by him.

In any medical emergency such as a heart attack or a stroke at home, especially for the aged members of the family, time is crucial. The faster one can take the patient to a well-equipped medical facility, the higher is the chance of recovery. Often, the distance between the home and the nearest hospital becomes extremely important as every passing second can make a difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, Mr. Chatterjee used to stay somewhat far from the nearest hospital when his wife died. Later, on the insistence of his daughter Suchitra, he started living in a flat near EM Bypass in South Kolkata.

In the early December morning when Mr. Chartterjee had a heart attack, it took Suchitra just a few minutes to take out her car and reach the nearest hospital. Speed of starting medical treatment saved her father’s life.

Experience the Convenience of nearby Hospitals

It is wise to do thorough research of the area where you would like to buy your home. These days it is easy to research an area online and look up the nearby educational, commercial, and healthcare facilities.

While you must consider connectivity with your workplace, your child’s school, how far the nearest shopping mall is, you must also consider the distance of the nearest hospital from your home. It is important to have quality healthcare facilities near your home.

Even if you do not suffer from any disease, you can access regular medical tests, fitness specialists, dieticians in a healthcare facility quite easily without travelling long distances. You can forget about rushing through traffic snarls and reaching the hospital to keep your doctor’s appointment on time.

Expect Fast-paced Medical Help in any Emergency

Medical emergencies can occur at any time to anybody. However, the aged and the children are particularly vulnerable and it is vital that they receive emergency medical help without spending much time.

In fact, you may not have to bear the excruciating wait for an ambulance in an emergency if the hospital is close enough. Reaching a hospital on time also reduces the variable chances of random complications emerging that the patient might end up facing. Easy access to prompt medical attention is one of the key factors why people feel safer when living near a hospital.

Besides the benefit of fast medical attention in an emergency, living near a hospital can be convenient in other ways too. For example, many post-operation patients need regular hospital visits for reporting purposes. A run-down patient finds it quite convenient to complete these exercises without much exertion.

A nearby hospital can help in regular medical attention after any traumatic experience. Availability of nurses at home, physiotherapists is much higher and this can aid fast recovery of a patient.

Potential Growth in Property Value

The presence of a good quality medical facility generally increases the overall livability quotient of a particular area. They generally have better infrastructure, and the real estate prices of these areas can potentially grow faster than other areas.

These specifically include the waste management systems around a hospital. With cleanliness being a hospital’s key factor, healthy environments may prevail around the vicinity.

Apart from residential properties, guest houses and hotels come up in and around hospitals and often space is at a premium.

Even if you do not have a senior citizen or a child in your family, still it is a good idea to have a quality healthcare facility near your home. You will always feel safer if there is a hospital close to your home.

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