Why is Hyderabad India’s Most Livable Metro City?

When a Delhi-based couple, Vishal and Prerna first went to Hyderabad for a relative’s wedding, the spectacular city had worked its charm on them. They were enamoured by its old-world appeal while thoroughly enjoying its modern and upbeat vibe.

Six months later, Vishal was thinking about a job change, and when a few good offers popped up from Hyderabad, he knew that was where he wanted to go. Setting aside the initial feelings of uncertainty that almost always accompanies such a big change, the couple agreed to move.

It has been five years since then, and the couple feels that shifting to Hyderabad was the best decision they could ever make!

And why not? For the fourth year in a row, Hyderabad has been ranked as the topmost Indian city with the highest quality of living in the country.

According to Mercer’s 2018 Quality of Living ranking, Hyderabad retained its position as the best and most livable metro city among almost all Indian cities surveyed in this 20th edition ranking have posted increased improvement. A combination of environmental, law and order, economic and other factors steadily maintaining a positive trend have contributed towards the apex position that Hyderabad holds.

That said, here’s a deeper look at why Hyderabad is India’s most livable metro city.

Reasonably Affordable and Great Infrastructure

According to the fifth edition of the Annual Buy vs. Rent Score report released by ArthaYantra Corporation, Hyderabad is one of the most affordable cities in the country and continues to hold the pedestal right to the current year. Though residential property prices have dropped, the rents have seen a slight increase. However, it is still relatively affordable and the working population prefers it as reasonable enough. It is a price-conscious metropolitan city and an attractive destination for real estate due to its developed commercial infrastructure. Increased urban migration has taken well to the availability of ready-to-move-in houses.

Commuting and transportation are decent with the new Metro Rail project, a world-class airport, and cheap public transport fares. The population is distributed smartly thus, avoiding bottlenecks and relatively smooth civic functioning.

Jobs and Investments Galore!

The job market in Hyderabad is flourishing largely due to the enhanced employment prospects brought in by the IT industry. The local government is helping tech incubators and academic partnerships boosting Cyberabad to topple Bengaluru as Asia’s Silicon Valley. There are looming and realised investments in the horizon by giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Uber apart from global corporations such as Google and Ikea. There has been a steady rise in integrated industrial technology spaces and parks. The city with its industry-friendly policies and other attractive initiatives is home to more than 1,400 companies. With T-Hub in place, Hyderabad is the new start-up capital of India.

Cultural Melting Pot

Located at the crossroads of two southern states, the city is a delectable mix of different cultures. This contrast is favourably reflected in Hyderabad’s rich and historic culture with an impressive mix of retail destinations, F&B growth, etc. International brands and investors are steadily entering the entertainment sector to provide the population with amusement options. If the city has ample avenues for income it has also an equal measure of spending areas. This is effectively improving the quality of life in the city. Museums, historical monuments, temples, there’s plenty to explore in Hyderabad.

You Bet It’s Safe

A relatively low crime rate makes Hyderabad a hit with the female working population of the city. In fact, according to National Crime Records Bureau report, it is one of the safest cities in the country to live in. The petty crimes are at its lowest in the city compared to all the other major cities in India, which easily makes it a preferred destination for those who wish to settle down here with their families.

People are Friendly

Hyderabad has an affable crowd. While exceptions will always exist, on an average, the people of the Nizam’s city are very cordial, simple and welcoming. You won’t counter the snobbish attitude here with everyone ready to help notwithstanding their economic standing. In fact, the negative pointer for most urban migrants to the southern states – the language barrier — does not pose an uncomfortable contention. In Hyderabad, even if Telugu isn’t your forte, you can easily thrive with your English and Hindi repertoire. In fact, Hyderabad boasts of a very colourful tongue — an interesting mix of many languages including Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, and Urdu.

Hyderabad is home to people from various castes, creeds, religions, and ethnicities, living together in perfect harmony. As such, festivals — be it Ganesh Chaturthi, the floral festival of Bathukamma or Eid — are a great time to be in the city. In fact, the Ramadan month is a great tourist attraction with all-night bazaars and a range of delicacies on offer.

It’s Always Fair Weather

The climate of Hyderabad is unique and doesn’t show extreme variations in heat, cold or humidity that a lot of other metros experience in the country. Mild winters and reasonable summers combined with scattered thunderstorms during the monsoons, make Hyderabad a city with favourable climatic conditions. Besides, the city has no serious flood or earthquake possibilities. The sloping terrains, various ecological and national parks, low pollution levels, numerous lakes, and a winding Musi river truly makes this city a beautiful place to live in.

So if you’re thinking about relocating, Hyderabad, a highly livable modern city, is waiting for you, albeit with its old world charm still intact.

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