What Facilities to Consider When Buying Your Home

The absolute necessity of checking thrice before buying a home cannot be overstated. After all, buying your home is perhaps the most important decision that you’ll make in your lifetime.

Kavita and Krishnan will vouch for this because they ended up learning it the hard way. The new house they zeroed on was in a neighbourhood that wasn’t quite popular but boasted of pool, gym and spa facilities. While it was not a preferred location, the luxurious amenities won them over. Within a couple of months, the decision backfired, as friends avoided visiting them and they too found many amenities lacking in the area. They never had the company to enjoy the amenities or show off their new home!

Buying a home is, for most people, a once in a lifetime decision and getting all your wishes checked the first time makes sense. Amenities and facilities improve the living situation, some of them are indispensable while others are avoidable.

Although you will have your own checklist, here are some facilities to consider when buying your home.

Location Diversity

The location of your home is of prime importance because that determines your access to places of importance in regular life. Your workplace, children’s school, medical centres, shopping, and recreation points: these are all important destinations that should be located in and around your new home. Airport and station distance and regulated traffic flow should also be considered so that you can reach these places without getting stuck in bottlenecks.

Even within the complex, the location of the housing unit matters to a lot of people. For instance, proximity to the main gate, park or swimming pool facing, floor number, etc. Make sure to check rates applicable for specific positions.

The Layout

A family is a changing unit. Make sure that the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, and the layout of the kitchen is conducive to your family’s needs of accommodating kids, elderly parents, visit from relatives, lifestyle choice, keeping pets, etc. The potential for future extensions is also an important factor for many homebuyers so consider if there is the right amount of space you need.

Smart Construction Designs

This era belongs to technology and every day a new and improved version is rolled out. Today, a new home is incomplete without varying appliances and gadgets that are interconnected and present in almost all rooms. From the living room recreation points to kitchen appliances and even bathroom gadgets, the prevalence of technology is indisputable. Therefore, make sure that the construction design of your new home supports technical set-up with required wiring and plumbing essentials.

Home Essential Amenities

Once you have decided on the location of your new home and the construction basics, it is time to look at the inner workings. There are certain essential amenities that should make or break any deal and these are authorised water supply and complete power back up. On the outside, the reliable presence of security services, provision for dedicated car parking, elevators and common ground maintenance are essential.

The Green Mile

Many experts will contend that the presence of park, ground, play area or jogging/walking tracks are among avoidable amenities. However, this is a big misconception. Whether you have kids or seniors in your family, a green expanse is quite an essential facility. Most importantly, a well-maintained park or ground can multi-function as a relaxed green space that can be used as a play area for kids, senior activity areas, and a social gathering place for religious and community events.

Of course, everyone has their own priorities and it is necessary that your property advisors or realtors also understand these so that you can have the best match. Granted that each homebuyer will rank these facilities differently however, the importance of these factors cannot be undermined.

On this note, also remember that there are certain amenities that do not cater to the mid-segment home-buyers. Amenities like, clubhouse, gym, salon and spa, pool, rooftop gardens, halls, etc. are not essential. Moreover, these amenities also add considerably to the maintenance costs. If only Kavita and Krishnan had made their ‘essential facilities’ and ‘can compromise facilities’ list, they would have saved themselves from a costly mistake.

Every homebuyer should consider these and discuss them with all those people who have a say in the decision-making process. Make your preferred list of facilities and check it thrice before buying your home. At the end of the day when you reach home, the facilities within and without should provide peace.

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