How to Buy a Flat in Kolkata with Amenities You Really Need

When it is a question of choosing to buy a flat in Kolkata, there are many considerations that are likely to confuse you. And today, when developers are increasingly offering flats with world-class features such as swimming pools, multi-gym, landscaped terrace, skywalks etc. to lure homebuyers, it has become even more difficult to make the right choice. If you don’t assess your needs carefully, you may end up spending a fortune on features you’ll not be using. On the other hand, if you purchase a flat that you’re not sure will support your preferred lifestyle, you’ll be disappointed living in it. So how do you zero in on features you really need while buying a flat? Here are some guidelines to help you resolve the confusion.

Focus on the Immediate Needs Rather Than the Long-Term Ones

One of the easiest ways to fall into the traps of buying a flat that’s more than what you need is looking beyond your immediate needs. Be it in terms of size or fancy features, you should be realistic about your requirements before purchasing a flat.

For instance, a larger flat offers more living space and therefore, convenience. But it also involves more effort and expense to maintain, besides the higher capital cost. While this may be a great choice for midsized-to-large families, it would be an unnecessary expense for a young couple who are probably at the start of their respective careers. Sure, you may feel the need to upgrade once you start expanding your family or become more financially stable, but it’s always better to start with a small flat than struggling to maintain a more spacious home.

Same goes for features on offer. For instance, a terrace garden may sound great but if you’re a dual-income household with demanding jobs, will you have time to spend looking after the garden? Similarly, if your grueling schedule doesn’t leave you with enough time to take a dip or relax by the poolside, buying a flat with swimming pool might simply be a waste of money — in terms of both, the capital investment and the maintenance costs.

Take into Account Your Preferred Style of Living

Some families value their privacy, while others enjoy more by socializing with a lot of people. If you fall into the second category, choosing a flat that offers facilities like private clubs and lounges will be more appropriate to your lifestyle. Are you a fitness freak? Then, opt for a flat with jogger’s track, multi-gym or fitness areas.

Do you travel a lot? Do you have elderly parents? Do you have a pet? — These are some questions you may want to ask yourself before purchasing a flat.

Another aspect to consider when deciding on features is whether you want to showcase your home as a status symbol — a rising trend among the HNIs and luxury home buyers. Besides features that serve the purely functional purposes, certain features like skywalks add a great deal of oomph to your home.

Determine Who’s Going to Stay in the Flat

A large part of what kind of flat you should buy depends on who’ll be staying in it. For example, if you’re buying a flat for your elderly parents, features like swimming pool, gym, lounges etc. may not be of importance. On the other hand, you’d want to be sure of the security system, the presence of good healthcare options, parks where they can take a stroll or a senior citizen club where they can connect with their peers.

Similarly, if you have kids, you may want a flat that has schools and colleges in the vicinity, while also having appropriate recreational facilities for them.

Choose the ‘Soft’ Features That Add Value to Your Home

 Often developers offer ‘soft’ features such as complimentary home décor or painting etc. in place of cash discounts. While these offers seem attractive, it might be wiser to pursue discounts for many reasons. First, the complimentary home décor may not be closer to your preferred idea of decorating your space. You may want different designs, colours, and fittings or may even hire a professional interior designer, of course, at a higher cost but at the end, it all boils down to how you really want your new home to look instead of settling down with a complimentary home décor.

However, there can be situations when you might like to go with the developer’s offer of interior décor. You may not have adequate time because of professional reasons or may not like to invest time and energy in decorating the home. In such a situation, any offer from the developer for interior décor can be considered as a ‘package deal’.

Secondly, the “soft” features often include wood fittings that generally don’t fetch much resale value. That’s why it’s better to opt for discounts and rather get your fittings done on your own.

Hope these tips will help you in your next home buying!

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Sidhartha Paul

Good suggestion

Debjani Dasgupta

Most of the NK Realtors articles are extremely relevant. Ones such as this one is sided with tips that can help with decision making. And some dives into the space of social work.
Appreciate the ease of language and concise explanation also the research creating such posts.

Falguni duttaray

Very nice details good to read and contact in all aspects.

Rathindra LalDutta

Looking for a unit with certain specific common facilities like utility space attached with kitchen.This space is very usefull for cleaning of utensils by Maid , keeping the kitchen area neat&clean.Washing machine can also be placed over this space.
Generally apartment kitchen are very small in size , utility space are must in such M S apartment .These facility is very common in southernmost part of the country.
One more modern day requirement is piped gas supply facilities in kitchen which is very common in southern cities.
Big&renowned builders should incorporate these facilities while planning gatted communities which are essential part of modern day Life.

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Very informative article. Looking forward to more posts in near future.

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