How NK Realtors is Gearing up to Offer Improved Service to Homebuyers

It was a difficult time for senior citizens. Many of them felt completely helpless.

After the government declared lockdown on 24th March 2020, there was a stoppage of all e-commerce and home delivery services in Kolkata. Senior citizens, often dependent on these platforms for their daily needs, medicine, and bottled water, found it very difficult to jostle in the crowded markets, open for a few hours, and purchase them.

There are many households in Kolkata where the only residents are senior citizens. With many youngsters living in other cities to pursue career goals, senior citizens need better support.

NK Realtors Rose to the Occasion

NK Realtors took a major decision in this crisis. It decided to help senior citizens so that they can tide over the crisis while not exposing themselves to the risk of Covid19 infection.

Soon enough, NK Realtors tied up with an NGO and started a campaign.

Any senior citizen could call designated phone numbers and ask for delivery of daily provisions, bottled water, and medicines. There was no delivery charge.

This campaign was implemented in a few areas of Kolkata and garnered huge support. Many senior citizens benefited from these efforts.

Service is in the DNA of NK Realtors

Service to the community is not an exception at NK Realtors, but service is in its DNA. On the back of its outstanding service to its customers, NK Realtors has grown to be the major property aggregator of Eastern India. In its 33 years of existence, the company has served more than 50,000 customers by helping them to find their ideal homes.

In these difficult times, NK Realtors supported various social initiatives in and around Kolkata.

Some of the projects where NK Realtors extended support are mentioned below.

NK Realtors supports Help US Help Them for their projects of a free residential school for over 1000 underprivileged girl children.

NK Realtors supported Annamitra ISKCON Food Relief Foundation which distributed food to nearly 20,000 people daily in Kolkata.

The ecological danger from the depletion of mangrove forests in Sundarbans is increasing every day. NK Realtors has helped to plant 1 lakh mangrove trees in Sundarbans.

NK Realtors supported 940 individuals for RCGC Caddies Durga Puja shopping programme.

NK Realtors supported 12 children for cancer treatment at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute.

Mukti Support School has been running 8 support schools and serving about 1100 students. Nk Realtors supports 6 such schools at various locations.

NK Realtors has Expanded its Service Offerings

NK Realtors has been helping its customers to choose and buy the right property. It has the largest number of happy customers in Eastern India.

As a part of its constant endeavour to offer improved service to homebuyers, NK Realtors recently expanded the service offerings.

Now you can depend on NK Realtors for additional support for arranging home loans. NK Realtors will liaise with home loan providers for the approval, paperwork, and disbursement so that you need not run around anywhere.

NK Realtors is also going to help you with your need for interior decoration. It has reliable interior decorators on its panel who are experts in delivering in a time-bound manner while maintaining high-quality workmanship.

Now you can depend on NK Realtors for a more comprehensive service and advisory from choosing a home to starting to live in the home.

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