How New Age Apps are Changing Housing Societies

Aloka Sinha, a senior executive at an MNC and travel enthusiast in her mid-40s, has recently bought an apartment in South Kolkata, where she lives with her college-going son and elderly parents. Juggling her job, her family commitments, and her love for travel, she often couldn’t make it to the homeowners’ meetings. As a result, she would often be the last one to know if her maintenance bills were overdue or there was some major repair work in order.

Recently, Aloka’s housing society has shifted its management operations to a software. Now, she receives updates about meetings and other notifications on her mobile phone. And, she can access any society related news, information, and documents through the app.

Apps and software designed specifically for housing societies are a boon not just for homeowners but society managers as well.

“From calculating penalties to ensuring digital transactions, record keeping to security, managing housing societies have never been so easy” — says, Prasun Mitra, the president of a housing association. His society has even gone a step further to digitise the visitor’s log via an application, which provides information about any visitor in real time.

Automate Accounting and Billing Process to Never Miss a Beat!

Today, there are various software applications for housing societies that promise to make life a lot easier. Presenting a comprehensive accounting and billing package, these mobile and web-based applications help society treasurers maintain accounts with a range of powerful features. For example, using an application like ApnaComplex, makes income tracking, penalty calculation, and setting reminders a matter of minutes.

The ApnaComplex app is available in different formats — one for the complete layman, and another for accountants and auditors. Data can be fed by anyone with basic knowledge of accounts and computing. The back-end part of the software takes care of everything else. Furthermore, the software can automatically send SMS and email alerts to members who have pending dues, from the billing information stored in its database.

In fact, with over 50,000 app downloads, ApnaComplex is one of the most feature-rich account management software on the market that automates everything from bookkeeping to preparing income-expense statements and balance sheets.

Superior Access Control Benefits

Security is a prime concern in modern apartment complexes and gated communities. To close potential security gaps, many innovative applications have emerged to provide a seamless, one-stop solution. For instance, the gatekeeper app, Digital Gorkha. The easy and intuitive interface of Digital Gorkha enables security managers to easily create watch lists, schedule tasks, and download visitor reports.

The cloud-based application, available on both mobile and PC, offers a multi-layer security solution. The app captures a photo of the visitor, verifies the mobile number, and then sends a push notification to the host. Access is allowed after the host confirms. The software can also pre-register expected guests approved by a host. Upon arrival of the guest, an SMS is sent to the host for confirmation.

One of the industry-leading apartment security apps, Digital Gorkha significantly boosts security parameters by enabling housing societies to implement robust security policies.

Easily-Manageable Digital Platform for Society News & Info

Apps like Apartment Sathi or ApartmentADDA allow users to design and publish content like event calendars, welcome cards, monthly newsletters, apartment policies, vendor information, and security tips — everything through its multitasking and easy-to-use interface. Besides aiding content creation, the app also offers a wide variety of services.

With the help of such apps, users can instantly conduct polls, or create forums, on practically anything ranging from compliances to complaints, stores to staffs, notices, vendors, and maintenance contracts.

The primary target of these software applications is to free life from stacks of files. Bolstering communication, and infusing transparency, these next-generation applications make every part of housing society management easy as a breeze.

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