Why You must Consider Southern Bypass if You Buy a Flat in Kolkata

Buying a flat is one of the most complex endeavours, realised Aritra. He has been searching for a suitable flat in Kolkata within his modest budget.

He has been looking everywhere to buy a flat inside a gated community for his small family comprising his wife Sunetra and their six-year-old daughter Triparna. He has been searching on Google, on property portals, asking his colleagues and he has been getting more and more confused as to how he can zero in on the right property. What must he consider before buying one? Should price get the prime decision criterion? Or the location? What about the distance from his daughter’s school? Or connectivity with his office area?

Should he also consider the future growth potential of the location? After all, property purchase in an investment decision.

Aritra works in a public sector bank as an officer and he doesn’t have a big budget. He is looking for a flat in a decent location meeting most of his needs.

It was a chance meeting with his college friend who walked into his bank one day that cleared his confusion and helped him to make a decision. His friend, Sudipta, works in a property marketing consultancy and told his why he must look at Southern Bypass for buying a flat. Sudipta showed him extremely compelling reasons for doing so.

Let’s know what Sudipta had told Aritra that helped Aritra to book a flat in this area.

Fast Improving Livability Quotient

Southern Bypass is fast emerging as a decent, clean, middle-class locality. A good number of residential complexes are coming up in this locality. Because of certain advantages as discussed below, Southern Bypass has become a preferred location for homebuyers in Kolkata.

Necessary infrastructure such as markets, shopping malls, restaurants, multiplexes, and educational institutes are close by.

There are reputed educational institutions within 2 to 6 km:

  • Lions Vidyamandir
  • Narendrapur RK Mission
  • BD Memorial
  • Delhi World Public School
  • Swarnim International
  • Future Institute

Shopping malls, departmental stores, and entertainment zones are being added to the existing ones here as the number of residents is increasing. You can shop and also watch a movie in Wood Square without going very far. Reliance Fresh is also operational at South Winds retail space.

Flats in Southern Bypass are Relatively Affordable

Currently, Southern Bypass flats are quite affordable and homebuyers with a budget of less than Rs 50 lakh can buy a flat here. Generally speaking, the market rate is in the range of Rs 3,400 to Rs3,900 in this area. Steady appreciation of flat prices is already noticed and will further accelerate as a number of projects are completed.

As more and more real estate projects are being launched in this area, more urban amenities like markets, shops, bank branches/ATMs, and restaurants will get started to cater to the additional demand.

Improved Connectivity

Connectivity is excellent in Southern Bypass because of easy access to Metro and EM Bypass.

Southern Bypass has much-improved connectivity now that EM Bypass is repaired and upgraded. Traffic speed is very good and the absence of traffic snarls saves a lot of time as compared to other congested areas and narrow roads. Going to Sector 5 isn’t at all difficult.

The residents of this area have the option of availing Metro also as Shahid Khudiram Station can be approached by auto-rickshaw. In a short time, you can reach Park Street/Camac Street area or BBD Bag by Metro.

It is expected that there will be better public transport as more buses and cabs will ply in this area. Sealdah South Section trains can also be accessed from here.

Top Class Healthcare is Nearby

The stretch of EM Bypass from Ruby Hospital to Ajaynagar can be easily termed as a healthcare hub. Very few locations in the city have so many healthcare facilities so close. Ruby, Desun, Fortis, Medica, RN Tagore, AMRI, Peerless, and Shankar Nethralaya are located within a stretch of only five to eight km along the EM Bypass.

From Southern Bypass, this healthcare hub is accessible within minutes via EM Bypass. Even in odd hours such as late at night, it is easy to take an emergency patient to top-class medical facilities within minutes. It is extremely reassuring if you have senior citizens at your home.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, there are quite a number of factors that you must consider before choosing which flat to buy. Let’s look at them once finally.

  • Southern Bypass is highly affordable. Appreciation of property prices is expected as more residential projects are completed.
  • It is still relatively clean. There is not much hustle and bustle. A decent middle-class community is emerging in this area.
  • Connectivity with other parts of the city is quite good and is improving further.
  • All urban infrastructure facilities such as markets, hospitals, shopping malls, multiplexes, educational institutions are available.
  • Top-class healthcare facilities are accessible within minutes.
  • Ongoing infrastructure development projects such as Airport-Garia Metro will further augment connectivity and increase property prices.

Southern Bypass is one of the few areas in Kolkata where you can invest in relatively affordable residential complexes with a promise of a great return on investment, high quality of living, and the best medical facilities close by.

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