Steps You Should Take to Ensure the Safety of Your Home

Authorities are reporting an exponential rise in burglaries and sophisticated break-ins as working couples, single parents, nuclear families, and fast-paced life are increasingly becoming the new normal rather than being an exception like it used to be a few decades back.

Srinjoy Chatterjee, a businessman living in an independent bungalow in Kolkata’s Salt Lake City, woke up to realize his house has been robbed of all valuables. Days later, the police identified the robber as the son of a full-time maid who let him in, aided the robbery, and helped him flee before going back to sleep.

Most burglaries, according to crime reports, are committed by people who have a free access to inside information. The case mentioned above indicates the urgency to do a thorough verification and background check on domestic help, drivers, security guards, and all other people having an unrestricted entry into the house.

Recent episodes throughout India and in Kolkata are putting a question mark on the safety and security of people, especially the elderly and children. It’s high time to figure out what we can do to make our homes crime-resistant and a safe haven for our family.

Irrespective of whether it’s a standalone house or a gated community, it’s important for us to feel safe in our own home. Here are some simple measures to ensure the safety of your home.

Multi-Layer Defense

There’s a saying – the home security system should be layered like an onion, and not fragile as an egg. A single line of defense makes things easier for a criminal to break in. For this reason, it is always a safe option to install multiple layers of defense to slow the burglar down.  A great example of a multi-layered defense model is double-locked, safety coated windows and gate.

Use Multiple Locks 

Every door leading to the house is important. All doors should be fitted with strong locks even if it is located inside the house. Make sure to install the best quality locks on doors that access the garage from the house. It is a ‘much-loved’ entry point for burglars, as the door is often neglected and left unlocked.

Consider Setting up Safety-Coated Windows  

Safety coated windows have polyester or PET films that are applied to the glazing in order to hold the glass together. The windows, almost similar to a car windshield, are extremely hard and difficult to break. Good quality safety-coated windows have proved to be exceptionally beneficial as far as protection against burglary is concerned.

Mull Over Getting a Home Security System

Home security systems act as a helpful line of defense for your valuables and important documents. However, most homeowners in India don’t think about investing in the best security systems for their home. It’s often considered as an afterthought — one that mostly comes after experiencing a theft or robbery. In this regard, Mehernosh Pithawalla, assistant vice-president (marketing) at Godrej Security Solutions has rightly pointed out — “Security is still a low-involvement category in our country. People are more reactive than being proactive. Burglary and other criminal activities are on the rise; but, the penetration of safes and lockers in India is a mere 1% compared to the US (25%) and Italy (30%).”

Apartments in large complexes have a leading edge over independent houses as these gated communities often have a security system in place that includes intercom facilities and round-the-clock deployment of security guards. Residents are connected to the security desk via intercom while the security guards use it to cross-check unfamiliar visitors.

As stated in a report by PropIndex, standalone houses are witnessing a sharp decline in demand for the last few years as compared to apartments in housing complexes and gated communities. The report reveals security is a prime factor driving the surge in demand for apartments, besides the day-to-day facilities and other luxury amenities that these complexes integrate.

Some of the premium projects in Kolkata are incorporating advanced security features like video-door phones and CCTV cameras in all common areas including elevators and basements. Other super-luxury developments in the city are integrating cloud-based security management platform, a Software as a Service (SaaS), which enables community managers to gain real-time security analytics and insights about visitors and vehicles.

Some apartment complexes, however, prefer manual methodologies without leaving everything on technology. These complexes rely on identity cards containing the name, address, photograph, and fingerprint of cooks, maids, paperboys, drivers, milkmen, car washers, and all other people visiting the complex for different odd jobs.

Finally, remember that the best home security comes from being alert and careful. Make it a priority to to ensure basic safety requirements for your home or apartment building complex are maintained and take immediate action and/or notify the authorities if you notice any gaps in security.

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