What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Home in a Gated Community

When Raj Sengupta came to Kolkata from his hometown Siliguri after he got a job in an IT company at Salt Lake, Sector 5, he started living in rent in a standalone building near Chinar Park. Commuting to his office was rather easy through New Town as traffic is smooth except for some occasional traffic snarls. Raj was yet to get married and settle down, so he was quite content to live on rent in a building with hardly any amenities. It was only when, six years later, he got married and looking for a larger apartment to live in, he realised myriad advantages (and some disadvantages) of living in a gated community.

However, his wife Sucharita, who also works in an IT company in Sector 5, was all for living in a gated community with a multitude of amenities. Partly because of her insistence, and partly because of his quest for a high quality of life, Raj and Sucharity opted to buy a flat in a gated community.

What is a Gated Community?                                              

A gated community is a walled, exclusive, cohesive conglomerate of residential units. Apart from residential units, there are generally a number of amenities available in gated communities.

A gated community is well-managed from any unauthorised incursions through the entry or exit points as these are manned by security personnel.

A gated community usually houses members of similar social status who enjoy the analogous quality of life and social interactions.

What are the Advantages of Living in a Gated Community?

Living in a gated community is much preferred these days because of certain innate advantages. Most homebuyers like Raj and Sucharita prefer them rather than living in a standalone building.

When you live in a gated community, you get a feeling of security as the entry of all and sundry is strictly controlled. In addition, there are generally the installation of CCTV cameras, intercom, and other security apparatus to protect the residents. Security guards are also deployed, ensuring proper record-keeping of all entrants in the community.

Even the entry of the regulars such as housemaids, newspaper vendors, etc. is well monitored.

Gated communities are generally larger and come with some amenities depending on the size of the community. In a small gated community, there may not be many amenities except probably a community hall, gym, and a small park, but there are larger communities that boast of a plethora of amenities.

In fact, gated communities are being built on themes like wellness, sports with a deep focus on relevant amenities. Gated communities, especially the larger ones, are much more esthetically pleasant because of well-thought-out architecture and landscaping.

Gated communities are well-managed by residents’ associations who often entrust the job of maintenance to professional facility management companies.

This practice keeps all the residential units in good condition and therefore the homeowners can always expect to get a higher resale value. Gated communities are much better from an investment perspective.

Disadvantages of Living in a Gated Community

Although homebuyers prefer gated communities as compared to standalone buildings, there are some minor disadvantages of living in a gated community.

Gated communities are generally built on somewhat sprawling land and therefore rarely at the heart of the city. If your priority is to live in the central part of the city, then the option of living in a gated community is somewhat limited.

Gated communities keep on their sheen through regular maintenance and offer security on meticulous safety upkeep. Of course, there is always some cost associated with it but today’s homeowners do not mind really because it increases the sale price, besides enhancing the esthetic quotient.

There are also some hassles of living in a gated community. You must abide by the rules of the community. If you employ a workman in your house, he can only during specific hours.

The Final Call

Finally, it is your call whether you wish to live in a gated community or a standalone building. In Kolkata, you can live in gated communities that are not far from the business districts and regular conveyance is very easy.

Moreover, there is no denying that gated communities offer a much higher liveability quotient and this is the reason why home-buyers are preferring them over standalone buildings.

In Kolkata as well as elsewhere in India, there is an overwhelming preference for gated communities and if you are looking for one to buy an apartment, contact us now.

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