How New Complexes in Kolkata Are Offering More Value than Simple Flats

Concierge services, wine and cigar libraries, air-conditioned exhibition galleries for contemporary art…the list goes on. And, you will be highly mistaken if you think these plush facilities are being offered by some 5-star hospitality giant. These swanky features are just a few of the lush amenities that modern new complexes in Kolkata are offering.

Such feature rich apartments were earlier the privileges of the select few but now budget properties in Kolkata are also offering these value additions.

New Complexes in Kolkata Reflect the Spirit of Indian Economic Growth

New-age complexes with ultra-modern amenities — a rising housing segment nonetheless — is gaining euphoric prominence in India. As urban consumers get more and more ecstatic about experiencing world-class living, many developers across India are striving to create designer zones that can appeal to these home buyers.

So how did the trend start? Just a decade ago, a swimming pool in an apartment complex was considered as the gold standard for luxurious living. Today, plunge pools, splash pools, and Jacuzzis define the luxury statement in posh townships. Resort-like salons, designer bathrooms, and spas fall under the ‘common features’ in these high-end complexes. Modern day ultra-luxury real estate brands boast of personal lap pools in every apartment, and some designs even include private gardens, supplemented by steam/hydrotherapy areas in the community space.

While simple apartments do exist, they pale in comparison to the value that this new class of apartment complexes offers. With a hike in purchasing power, Indian buyers are more willing than ever to spend on factors like exclusivity, visual appeal of living spaces, and lifestyle amenities and services. As a result, developers are more confident in including state-of-the-art facilities such as personal sports arena, infinity pools, and home automation — the new lines of luxury for today’s home buyers.

Homeowners Want More out of Their Living Spaces

A recently conducted survey revealed the Indian buyer’s desire for open spaces. More than 30 percent of the respondents stated they would love to have a private garden in their luxury apartment. Looking at the overwhelming majority, it isn’t surprising to see prime developers including private lawns as well as terrace gardens in their design plans.

Another factor that surfaced in the survey report was the buyers’ growing proclivity towards home automation and personalized sports facility. About 13 percent of the participants wanted home automation while 12 percent told they would fancy personal sports facilities. Private bars and sky lounge also featured in the ‘wish list’ of many prospective homebuyers.

Luxury Homes in Kolkata Have More Takers than Ever

The classification of a luxury home is, it has to be stylish, exclusive, and unique. Keeping the exclusivity aspect in mind, some developers are coming forward with designer luxury homes that bear the hallmark of a designer’s vision and style statement.  These trendy designer homes bring the elegance of exquisite designer lifestyle into the daily life of the residents.

Designer apartments carry the impression of the designer’s unique aesthetics in external architecture, home interior, and styling. Every component is thoughtfully chosen and the materials and finishing are of an exceptional quality so that the residents experience a classy lifestyle.

To boost the ‘exclusiveness’ quotient of a project, many real estate developers in Kolkata are joining hands with celebrated designers. Designer home is the latest trend in real estate, and top promoters are racing to beat down their competitors by collaborating with the likes of Jade Jagger and Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio to offer plush and trendy interiors to their homeowners. And, it is not just limited to the interiors. Singapore and Dubai-based designer firms are planning spectacular landscapes, exclusive party lounge, and even 360-degree rooftop observatory atop multistoried apartments across India.

Demand for ‘Nothing But the Best’ is Soaring

When it comes to quality, homebuyers are more demanding than ever in terms of getting their money’s worth and not settling down for anything second-rate. World-class build, bespoke materials, impeccable finishes, and higher levels of safety — these are some factors that modern buyers consider as essential elements of their prospective homes, luxury or not. In contrast, simple flats often lag behind in this race for premium quality. That’s not to say that low-quality materials are used while constructing simple flats or that they are unsafe. It’s just that for these flats, the priority is not on procuring the finest and the most premium quality materials that there is.

Developers of new-age complexes in Kolkata are walking the extra mile to ensure their projects have the best of facilities that create a strong value, and not just ordinary homes. For example, many real estate developers are including lavish amenities like advanced home automation and security systems, chic dining restaurants, sky terraces, and panoramic landscapes. Some of these ultra-luxury projects are also offering buggy facility, or the battery operated car, which the residents can use to move in and around the community center or into the sprawling landscaped gardens. From fitness club to meditation centers, 24X7 Wi-Fi, to ATMs, to healthcare, there’s nothing these luxury homes would not offer. Not to mention the Jacuzzi or even an exclusive space for sauna and steam bath.

However, the complex market of ultra-modern apartments can be hard to navigate. Therefore, it’s wise to seek professional guidance from a reputed property advisor with an illustrious track record before making a move in this direction.

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