A Home near the Ganges can Offer Never-before Quality of Living in Kolkata

What if you get up watching the view of the Ganges and end your day while feasting your eyes on the breathtaking sunset over the Ganges every day?

The view of the Ganges, especially in the evenings, is probably the best in Kolkata. If you look at the setting sun over the Ganges, you will be overwhelmed with beauty.

However, it is very difficult to stay in a residential complex near the river and enjoy this view from your home.

But this is now a thing of the past.

There is an amazing location that is within easy reach from every part of Kolkata. And you can enjoy the view of the Ganges too.

It sounds a bit too good to be true.

But once you know about the place in detail, the connectivity, and the convenience, you will be pleasantly surprised. You would want to live here in one of the gated communities.

And the amazing thing is that the connectivity and the infrastructure are already in place for modern living and are improving further.

It is turning out to be one of the newest property hotspots in Kolkata.

The Memorable View is Forever

The Ganges offers a unique dimension to the City of Joy. The love for the river will forever be etched in our hearts.

If you have taken a walk near Prinsep Ghat or Millennium Park on any afternoon and watched the sun setting beyond the river, you are sure to remember the striking experience.

The spectacle of darkness falling over the yellow-orange reflection of the setting sun over the water, and the two bridges standing tall.

You can enjoy this unforgettable view every day if you live in this area.

Zero Pollution Forever

Watching the open wide riverbed, and breathtaking sundowns are not the only benefits of living close to the Ganges.

As there is no air pollution on the river as there is no automobile or factory. The adjacent areas also get the benefit of a pollution-free atmosphere.

There is no possibility of the pollution-free environment changing ever as there is no chance of buildings coming up on the river bed.

Living beside a waterbody, especially the Ganges, has its own unique benefits. After a hard day at the office, or on a lazy Sunday, you can relax while taking a stroll beside the river. All your stress and anxiety will melt away in no time.

It’s Always Breezy

The areas near the Ganges enjoy another delightful phenomenon.

Homes almost always enjoy the constant breeze, ‘Gangar hawa’ as we call it.

There is hardly any sultry, sweaty day even during the hottest days of summer. Comfortable airiness is all around, all through the year.

In the monsoon season, you can see clouds gathering on the horizon, and rains over the Ganges.

Sitting on your balcony with a cup of tea in hand will always make you fresh and relaxed.

And at night, you can hear the distant sound of a ship blowing its horn.

Your Waterfront Home on the Ganges

Life revolves around the ghats on the Ganges.

You don’t want to leave when you sit down on the ghat; often the environment is so overpowering that you lose the sense of time.

There is no better pleasure than spending time on the ghat in the morning, or in the afternoon. You can see the white clouds in the sky. You can hardly see them in the city proper with all the tall buildings side by side.

Here, you can embrace the openness and watch the marine life in its entirety. Watch a variety of birds, and boats passing by. Once in a while, you see a ship moving slowly.

And you know, flowing water and its sound relaxes the mind and reduces stress as is scientifically proven.

Just looking at the streaming water will calm your mind.

Top Reasons to Buy a Home near the Ganges

Homes are rather pollution-free because of the Ganges nearby. And as there is no chance of changing the environment.

In addition to the awesome view, you can enjoy airy homes and experience the ghat and the waterfront which is a luxury in urban life today.

If you wish to own a waterfront home on the bank of the Ganges with all comforts of modern living, contact NK Realtors today.

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