How to Take Advantage of Online Property Fairs to Buy a Flat in Kolkata

It has been quite a few years that Avijit Roy lives in Pune. Originally from Kolkata, a city where he always wished to return, he wanted to buy a flat in a decent area.

It was two years from when he lost his mother. His father expired when he was in college and since then his mother was a big part of his life, especially he being the only child. He always wanted to return to his hometown.

Most of his extended family, cousins, and their children are in Kolkata. It is the same with the family of Alpana, his wife. Their son really loves the city and do not want to return to Pune when they get the opportunity to come to Kolkata, generally during Durga Puja.

Being a resident of Pune it was not possible for him to do the rounds of talking to different property sellers, inspecting documents and the properties. So he decided to do all the research online and come to Kolkata after that to conclude the buying process.

But it was not as easy as he thought. There are a plethora of properties and every one of them looked as enticing as the other.

He also wanted to know the property details, location and the facilities, the area development prospects, the developer and of course, the price.

Suddenly he came across an online property fair where he can get a better advantage in terms of price, added benefits and convenience.

Mr. Roy found such an online property fair and realized the advantages of selecting and buying properties over physical fairs and offline property exhibition.

Here are a Few Advantages of Online Property Fairs:

Better Deals

Online home festivals offer better deals than physical home festivals as the cost for organizing online fests is less, leading to more lucrative offers as resources are saved.

While researching and shortlisting properties he wanted to buy, he took note of amenities as well as prices too, wherever available, and initiated a discussion to know the price by sending inquiries or making a phone call rather than visiting the exhibition venue by foot and waiting in the long queues.

He was pleasantly surprised to see that the same properties were offered with better terms on the fair online.

Variety of Offers

The offers were enticing; sometimes it was the offer of cash discount, on other times it was the free offer of additional benefits like free parking space, free AC machines or free club memberships.

He did not come across such special offers on a normal day.

He got a complimentary car parking with purchase of a 3 BHK apartment in a premium housing complex near EM Bypass in the southern part of the city, considered a growth hub.

All Terms & Conditions are Documented

In physical fairs, the representatives often miss out on talking about the terms & conditions associated with the deals, offers, and deliverables. Not that they do it deliberately, but the obvious pressure of dealing with multiple clients at the same time leads such unwanted situations. These unfavorable conditions are less likely to happen in online property fairs as most terms and conditions are documented in the website/ portal of a reliable organizer. The customer would also receive automated e-mails pertained to various terms & conditions, imparting more transparency and better user experience to the process.

Understanding the Location of the Project Online

Since the location of the property is one of the most important factors conducive to the home purchase, Mr. Roy could easily understand and figure out the location quite easily when he looked up the property on Google map. He could easily understand the neighborhood, road network, nearby hospitals, schools, markets by resorting to the map section where all details were available. The first-hand and research may or may not be possible during sessions with real estate representatives at property fair.

Other Important Independent Research Work

You can do a proper research on multiple options before you need to physically visit a location well informed. Important details related to delivery time, payment schedules, discounts, floor plans, availability etc. can be easily derived without depending on others. This saves tremendous amount of time and hassles and can lead to a more informed and faster decision.

Repeat Visit is Easier

You can visit an online fair as many times as possible during the fair. You can check back if you missed something and take note of that information just by making few clicks. In the case of physical fairs, it is prohibitive to visit multiple times for the shortage of time we all have these days, not to mention the trouble of city traffic and parking problems.

The Comfort

Needless to say, the long queues, the crowd, the chaos, the hectic journey is no comparison to the comfort of home or workplace. Login anytime, anywhere from any device and hunt for the dream abode.

If Mr. Roy had to participate in a physical fair in Kolkata, it would not have been possible for him as he was not a resident of Kolkata.

Even if he could manage to do that, the offers would have been much lower in terms of value as the organizers would have spent much more financial resources to organize a physical fair, leaving very little in terms financial incentives to buyers like him.

Participating in an online fair gave Mr. Roy the benefit and comfort of easier information collection and thus better decision making, while getting an above normal offer while buying his home. In a nutshell, the online platform helped him achieve comprehensive information doing the research and shortlisting the best deals to fit in his requirements. On his next visit to Kolkata, he devoted only two days to visit four of the shortlisted projects and found his dream home on EM Bypass.

Like Mr. Roy, you can also easily get the best out of your home buying experience, online comfort and superior deals if you participate in online property fairs.

However, it is vital to check the organizer’s experience and credentials before you participate in the fair. You must find out the track record of the organizer, his credibility and expertise in real estate domain so that you can ensure that you are dealing with professionals.

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