Maniktala — the Best of both North and Central Kolkata

If you are in North Kolkata and want to buy the best Hilsa fish, Ilish machh, just head towards the towering clock.

Maniktala market is one of the best farmers’ markets in Kolkata.

You can get fresh fruits and vegetables, and the fish section is a delight to fish-loving Bengalis.

In fact, people staying far from Maniktala also regularly visit the market for high-quality produce.

If you also wish today join them, just come to Maniktala 4-point crossing and look up.

You will not miss the clock above the market.

It is one of the oldest clock towers in North Kolkata and is a famous landmark.

Maniktala is Close to an Education Hub

Maniktala is close to the area where the education revolution took place during the mid-nineteenth century.

Even today, you can access top institutions within a few minutes from here.

Many schools and colleges are situated nearby, and some of them carry huge reputations.

Even top institutions like Presidency University and St. Xavier’s College are not that far.

Some of the prominent educational institutions conveniently accessible from Maniktala are:

  • Scottish Church Collegiate School
  • Bethune School
  • Holy Child Institute for Girls
  • Calcutta Boys’  School
  • St. James’ School
  • Pratt Memorial School
  • The Frank Anthony’s Public School
  • Brahmo Boys Schools
  • St. Paul’s Mission School
  • Loreto Day School (Bowbazar)
  • Hindu School
  • Calcutta Deaf & Dumb School
  • Bethune College
  • Scottish Church College
  • Victoria College
  • Rajabazar Science College
  • Calcutta Medical College
  • NRS Medical College

There are numerous other schools near Maniktala and finding a suitable school for your child is no problem if you stay here.

Medical Facilities are Close by

One of the benefits of staying at Maniktala is the proximity to different healthcare facilities nearby.

Apart from a number of nursing homes in and around Maniktala, even well-equipped hospitals are reachable within a short time in case of an emergency.

Tradition Reigns Supreme Here

Life in Maniktala is traditional and convenient. Although it does not offer some of the glitzy advantages of South Kolkata, Maniktala ticks almost all the boxes of good living.

In any case, you can go to the Park Street area for a great time in any of the restaurants or nightclubs in about 30 minutes.

So, what sort of life Maniktala really offers?

Let’s delve a little deeper.

Maniktala is an old locality and such localities, especially in North Kolkata, are built around conveniences.

You get to enjoy every conceivable convenience within a stone’s throw — shops of every kind, markets, schools, gyms, movie theatres, eateries, temples, and even a public swimming pool at Hedua.

Even if you don’t want to swim, a casual walk around the pool will help to destress.

Super Convenient Connectivity

If there is one facility you’re going to enjoy the most, it is the excellent connectivity by different modes of transport.

Let’s talk about the Metro first.

You can approach Girish Park Metro station by taking an auto-rickshaw or a bus/cab from Maniktala. And in a matter of minutes, you’re at Garia or Dum Dum.

Boarding a Metro from Sealdah will also take you to Salt Lake Sector 5 or EM Bypass in a jiffy. And Sealdah is quite close to Maniktala.

But the convenience of moving around doesn’t end here.

You can reach BBD Bag, Esplanade, or the EM Bypass (in fact, any area of Kolkata) in a very short time by bus or cab. Going to a shopping mall on Bypass or visiting a hospital in and around Bypass doesn’t take much time.

Maniktala is strategically located near Sealdah, Howrah, and Kolkata railway stations. You don’t have to start hours before your train time.

From Maniktala, you can go to the airport quite fast and the road now rarely has traffic congestion.

Heritage All-Around

Maniktala is a part of Kolkata that embraces you with its traditional social values, reminds you of the glorious days gone by, and rejuvenates you in the environment of leisurely living.

Come, and discover the heritage with me.

Let’s take a walk towards the west.

As you start from Maniktala, you cross the market with the clock tower and proceed through buildings with old architecture and reach Bidhan Sarani.

Let’s take a left turn and walk towards Calcutta University.

We will soon cross Srimani Market, numerous Saree shops, and reach Thanthania Kali Temple.

Pass the red buildings of Laha Bari and soon you’re in front of the Presidency University.

Those gothic pillars will take your breath away and remind you of its illustrious students..

Rummage through some books and walk into the Coffee House for a cup of infusion coffee.

On another day, I will take you to the right when we reach Bidhan Sarani.

We will reach Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral house and visit the museum.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will insist on visiting Nakur’s sweet shop near Bethune school. The shop, specializing in sandesh, has maintained an unblemished reputation since 1844.

Soon, we cross Bethune College and arrive at Hedua. On a summer day, many children enjoy swimming here, and even in late evenings, taking a stroll beside the pool is so relaxing.

You must not miss the beautiful architecture of Scottish Church College before proceeding toward the Star Theatre. 

The landmark theatre where Thakur Sri Ramakrishna used to drop in, is now a movie hall and a museum.

Take some bites from the amazing street food stalls and reach Hatibagan.

You can indulge in some shopping here.

Traditional Shopping Nearby

Maniktala doesn’t boast of a swanky shopping mall yet but you can buy practically anything from many shops in and around the area.

The market areas of Sealdah or Shyambazar are rather close to Maniktala.

And if you must visit a shopping mall, Mani Square on EM Bypass is reachable in about 30 minutes.

No-compromise City Life

Maniktala offers hardcore city life without many frills. However, you can access the best of Kolkata within a short time.

There is a huge advantage of living here.

Maniktala is so well-connected that going anywhere in Kolkata or nearby, whether it’s visiting Dakshineswar or shopping in the New Market area, is absolutely hassle-free.

Shopping for the best Hilsa fish at Maniktala market is also a plus.

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