How to Choose an Apartment in Kolkata Based on the Amenities

Sujata was more confused than her husband Ranjan.

They went to see a couple of under-construction residential complexes on a Sunday morning.

They thought it would be fun but later on, under the hot mid-morning sun, they got rather tired.

The usual drab construction site was not really pleasant to look at, and walking about avoiding small puddles trying to figure out how the entire project would look like when completed was both stressful and confusing.

Fortunately, the marketing guy was by their side, explaining in detail about the project, how every amenity would come up, and how their living experience will be very different from any other project.

Slowly, Sujata and Ranjan were realising that their life would hugely change from their current status as ‘tenants’ in a dingy rental home in a single building with no amenity except a garage to park their car.

But they visited quite a few upcoming gated communities with different sets of amenities.

How to choose the most suitable among them?

If you don’t assess your needs carefully, you may end up spending a fortune on features you’ll not be using. On the other hand, if you purchase a flat that you’re not sure will support your preferred lifestyle, you’ll be disappointed living in it.

In this article, we will discuss how you can choose your dream home based on the amenities you really need.

Let’s find out how.

Focus on Your Current Needs

One of the easiest ways to go astray while buying a flat is to look beyond your immediate needs. Be it in terms of size or fancy features, you should be realistic about your requirements before purchasing a flat.

Let’s see how that happens.

For example, a larger flat offers more living space and therefore, better convenience. But it also involves more effort and expense to maintain, besides the higher capital cost.

For a working couple with a small school-going daughter, time is very precious. And it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a large apartment.

A large flat can be great for a large or mid-sized family, but for a couple at the start of their careers, it is a burden. Even the monthly maintenance cost is higher.

The same goes for features on offer.

Do you really need that skywalk as you are a private, academic person? Isn’t the ground-level lawn good enough?

A terrace garden is awesome but do you have the time or the inclination to maintain it. Gardening is quite tiring and time-consuming.

Similarly, if you are not much interested to take a dip or relax by the poolside, buying a flat with a swimming pool might be a waste of money — in terms of both the capital investment and the maintenance costs.

As your needs change with time, you will be able to sell the apartment and buy and new one quite easily.

What is Your Preferred Lifestyle?

Your home must be an extension of your personality, your style of living.

Suppose your family values privacy and is not very fond of socializing, then choosing a flat that offers facilities like private clubs and lounges will hardly be appropriate to your lifestyle.

Similarly, you may choose a community with a state-of-the-art gym and sports facilities if you are a fitness freak.

Do you travel a lot? Do you have elderly parents? Do you have a pet? — These are some questions you may want to ask yourself before purchasing a flat. 

Many of us wish to showcase our homes as a sign of success and a status symbol. If you fall in that category, go for a project that offers such wow factors.

Who will Live in the Apartment?

What kind of amenities are important depends largely on who is going to live in the apartment.

Let’s suppose you are buying an apartment for your elderly parents. Then a swimming pool or multi-gym may not be essential but a senior citizens’ socialising zone, walking trail, and watertight security arrangements are far more important. Also, you must check nearby healthcare facilities and how fast an emergency can be attended to. The walking distance from ATMs and markets should not also be high.

Alternatively, if a homebuyer is buying an apartment for his young family and a kid, then his priorities should be different.

He would prefer a home with a lot of sports facilities for the kid. Another important factor is the proximity of schools near the project.

For such a family, lifestyle elements are often vital. A residents’ club, a well-equipped gym, and a swimming pool are usually necessities. There must be adequate social spaces also as well as provisions for celebrating festivals like Durga Puja.

Do Not Neglect the ‘Soft’ Features

Home is not just some buildings and amenities. A true home needs extensive soft features for it to become a space of high livability quotient.

In this context, consider the soft aspects of the project — the overall colour scheme, landscaping, relaxation zones, waterbody, areas of casual social interaction, festival celebration areas, and the aesthetic appeal of the project as a whole.

One of the major aspects of settling down in a new home is the interior decor of your home.

You may want personalised designs, colours, and fittings to decorate your home in the way you imagined it should be. You may even hire a professional interior designer to bring your imagination to reality.

You may not have adequate time because of professional reasons or may not like to invest time and energy in decorating the home.

Moreover, a professional interior decorator can advise you on various aspects of home decor. For example, he can tell you about the effect of wall colour on your mood, and suggest home painting that helps a cheerful and relaxed mental state.

In this context, it is important to have detailed interactive sessions.

Our interior decor service vertical, NK Assist, helps you to transform your bare apartment into an amazing living space according to your taste, inclination, and financial outlay.

Keep these tips in mind when you buy your home in Kolkata.

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