Unique Real Estate Investing Ideas that can Make You Insanely Wealthy

Contrary to popular belief, we at NK Realtors do not deal in properties only.

Of course, we deal in the hard assets, but our strength and expertise lie in all areas of the real estate sector.

And our customers immensely benefit from our expertise.

In our 35 years of glorious existence, we have served more than 70,000 families.

We have touched our customers’ lives in diverse ways.

And now, we are further strengthening our various offerings.

Sharpening a well-appreciated skill set like never before.

And satisfying our customers’ requirements in more ways than one.

Well, what is our strength? What is the superior skill set that sets us apart?

And more importantly, how can you benefit from it?

The True Nature of Our Expertise

Over the long years, we have developed a huge amount of market intelligence and a massive knowledge base.

Our intense focus on gathering knowledge on every aspect of the real estate industry helped us to get ahead of the competition and serve our customers better.

Our detailed understanding of the real estate industry dynamics in Kolkata and Hyderabad even aids us to predict the future. Predict how the different components of the sector will evolve and the best way to gain from it.

We not only study the industry but also a variety of factors.

The economy.

The interest rate environment and related factors.

The evolving demand parameters.

Upcoming infrastructure development plans.

Growth expectations in micro-markets.

The demand-supply equilibrium.

Changes in customers’ preferences.

Laws affecting the industry, directly or indirectly.

But these are not all. We have developed the ability to spot excellent investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

Opportunities that can make considerable financial gains for you.

Many of our customers hugely gained from our recommendations.

At this point in time, we are offering awesome real estate investing opportunities — all curated by our team of researchers.

Let’s share more details with you.

Strategic Investment Opportunities

Real estate investment essentially requires huge cerebral input to be successful.

NK Realtors helps you to get the best returns for your money with uniquely profitable investment ideas.

Let’s look at a couple of examples to clarify how we do that.

Let’s consider a situation where a landowner has tied up with a developer to construct a residential project on his land. These arrangements are well structured yet there can be great opportunities for investors.

Opportunities can arise if the landowner wishes to sell his share of the project, usually a pre-determined number of apartments. He can decide to sell the full or a part of his holding.  Such bulk deals can take place at very attractive prices at any time during the construction stage.

Once the project is finished, the new investor can make a killing by encashing the arbitrage benefit.

In such deals, we add tremendous value for the investor by identifying the most suitable project. On every step of the transaction, we advise based on our long experience and foresight.

Investment in New Projects

Let’s consider another situation.

A residential project is being built and the developer is keen to buffer his cash position for the smooth completion of the project.

The developer might wish to liquidate a part of his holding for a better working capital arrangement.

Such situations offer amazing, almost risk-free, house-flipping possibilities for any investor.

Such investors generally buy a good number of apartments as soon as the project starts and sell after some time as prices appreciate as construction progresses.

Obviously, bulk sale of apartments will surely take place at a very price, so that there is something for the investor too on the table.

Such investments work best when real estate prices go up as is happening at this point in time.

Investing in Infrastructure

Investing in the real estate sector means investing in infrastructure.

It is investing in future economic growth and the overall upturn in several sectors of the economy.

Interestingly, Kolkata and its surroundings are experiencing an unprecedented demand explosion in the warehousing sector.

And the reasons will make you intrigued.

In fact, Kolkata is in a sweet spot as far as this sector is concerned.

Let’s dive deep and find out more.

Warehouse Requirement is Huge

Kolkata is the most prominent city in eastern India including entire north-east India.

Goods movement to all of these states takes place through Kolkata which acts as the logistical hub.

Even imports to Nepal and Bhutan are carried out via Kolkata.

The strategic importance of Kolkata is huge because of its location.

It is further increasing in leaps and bounds because of the modern trade.

In fact, the explosion in e-commerce has heightened the requirement for warehouses as time is of the essence in logistics now. It is important to have your warehouse close to your market.

Apart from e-commerce, direct-to-home delivery of perishable food products also needs temperature-controlled warehouses.

The demand has risen so high that the supply of warehousing space is unable to match it.

Investment in Warehouses

Under the circumstances, investing in warehouse spaces is a foolproof idea.

But, is there a possibility of too much supply of warehouse spaces depressing demand and rentals?

Unlikely, as warehouses need good infrastructure, especially road connectivity. It is not always easy to acquire adequate land meeting all the requirements. Also, it requires a set of compliances to build one.

It is often a good idea to buy warehouse spaces and rent them out to third-party logistic service providers or manufacturing companies.

We can help you in identifying the right property and arrange the best deal for you.

Real Estate Investing has Long-Term Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of real estate investing is that there is very little chance of making losses. Real estate prices always go up in India, and even if there is stagnancy in prices in an odd year or two, price rise catches up soon after.

It offers considerable stability to your investment with hardly any volatility.

Moreover, investing a part of your portfolio in real estate helps to diversify investment risk, and long-term gains help you to beat inflation comfortably.

Let’s start talking today and explore how we can offer you the best investment opportunity for you.

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