Top 5 Myths about Property Investment That Are Not True

“Buying a home, even on a home loan, needs a huge down payment,” said Sudip, “I started my career only a few years back.”

“Not entirely true. Why don’t you talk to a knowledgeable property consultant like NK Realtors?” asked Rina.

“They have dedicated home loan assistance called NK Assist,” she informed him.

Sudip Chatterjee is a software developer at one of the top IT companies in Salt Lake, Sector 5. He has been considering buying an apartment as he is getting ready to marry his girlfriend and co-worker Rina.

Sudip’s hometown is Durgapur but he stays in a rented apartment in Salt Lake.

He is under the impression that he needs to pay a large sum as a down payment even if he buys an apartment on loan but Rina’s advice got him thinking.

He decided to call NK Realtors and know more about it.

Sudip was pleasantly surprised after talking to the friendly soul, Sumanta, at NK Assist.

Sumanta apprised him of home loan providers’ policies in this regard.

A Pleasant Surprise

In light of what Sumanta told him, Sudip was hopeful that he would soon be able to buy an apartment of his choice.

And he won’t have to pay a huge amount as a down payment.

An amount of 10% of the total consideration would be sufficient. There are also various ways to make it easy on your finances.

A huge weight went off from Sudip’s head.

He started dialing Rina’s phone numbers to share the good news with her.

Real Estate Consultants’ Helpful Role

There is a misconception among many homebuyers that real estate consultants are not really necessary anymore. You can simply do a Google search and check out hundreds of properties.

Little do they know.

The more the marketplace is becoming impersonal the higher the need for personalized advice, guidance, and consultation, especially for high-value, once-in-a-lifetime property purchases.

Real estate consultants possess strong knowledge of their area and properties. They also offer you multiple options as per your needs.

NK Realtors offers a plethora of property-related services and has been serving customers for a long period of 35+ years.

Nk Realtors helps:

  1. Customers choose the best property among various available options based on their requirements.
  2. Homebuyers on the best location and amenities for choosing a suitable home based on his workplace, child’s school, family members, etc.
  3. Property buyers on budget considerations and associated costs of owning a property.

Does the Developer Matter?

Even in this age of RERA, choosing a reputed developer is vital.

Choose a developer who is reputed for timely delivery and high-quality construction. If the developer is not customer-centric, it can lead to a lot of frustrations.

Always buy homes constructed by renowned developers.

You must do due diligence on the developer from the homeowners who bought apartments built by him in earlier projects and ask industry insiders.

Should You Buy the Biggest Property You Can Afford?

One of the most powerful urges while buying a property is to buy as big a property as we can afford.

A big house is seen as a status symbol to show off to your social circle that you have attained significant financial success.

However, it is not always the wisest decision.

A big house requires higher maintenance costs, higher initial costs, and a larger home loan burden. All of these can potentially derail your financial planning for the future.

The upkeep of a bigger house requires additional physical effort (and this can be tiring as you grow older) and hiring extra help.

Always consider your space requirement before buying a home.

Does Every Property Offer the Same Amenities?

At first glance, it may seem like that all properties offer the same amenities.

It looks like they all have the same amenities — gym, swimming pool, community hall, children’s play area, and the usual.

But on closer inspection, you will find that every residential project is conceptualized differently.

For instance, senior-friendly homes have several features that make the place comfortable, convenient, and safe for seniors like handrails in bathrooms, wide, amply illuminated passageways, entertainment and hobby classes specially catering to seniors, and plenty more.

There are also kid-friendly homes that focus more on various indoor and outdoor sports facilities suitable for kids.

In Kolkata, you have the option of buying homes in various themed gated communities.

You can buy an apartment in a nature-themed community, a waterfront home beside the Ganges, or a sports-themed home high on games facilities.

Consider your present requirements and how you would prefer to live a few years down the line before buying a home. Contact us, and we will help you make the correct decision.

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