Barasat, Madhyamgram will Soon Be Closer to New Town, Kolkata

When Subarna insisted on buying an apartment at Madhyamgram, Surojit was firm in his opposition.

“It would be quite far from our offices at New Town,” Surojit said.

Subarna agreed but beamed at one prospect.

“But look at the positive side, my baper bari will be closer,” she said.

Subarna’s parents and her brother live in Madhyamgram.

“I will be able to see my parents more frequently,” she smiled broadly.

Faced with such powerful logic for buying an apartment at Madhyamgram, Surojit was speechless.

So finally, they bought their first apartment in Madhyamgram.

Easy Connectivity with New Town

One of the difficulties Surojit and Subarna face while going to their workplaces at New Town and Salt Lake Sector 5 is the regular traffic snarl near Airport Gate Number 1.

They have to go via this crossing every morning and almost every day there is a traffic jam. The T-shaped crossing that connects the VIP Road with Jessore Road is choked with traffic every day.

However, this is going to change.

Reaching home will be even easier after a busy day at the office. This means more quality time at home and less stress and irritation of navigating a long line of vehicles every evening. Maybe even a visit to the baper bari for Subarna on a working day, a near impossibility currently.

They will not have to go to Airport Gate Number 1 once a new road is constructed, connecting New Town with Jessore Road near Madhyamgram.

Even going to Barasat will be easier than it is now.

Residents of a Large Area will Benefit

Once completed, this new expressway will benefit the residents of a large area to access various parts of the city much faster.

Of course, areas around Madhyamgram will directly benefit from this new expressway. But other areas will benefit as well.

Let’s see which areas will benefit.

The entire area between Madhyamgram and Barasat will benefit. Also, areas near Birati, New Barrackpore will enjoy faster connectivity with New Town and Salt Lake Sector 5.

It will even cut down travel time to NH 12 (erstwhile NH 34).

Wide Road, Fast Traffic

The new expressway will have 4 lanes and later on 2 service lanes, one on each side, will be built if possible.

To get on to the new expressway motorists from Salt Lake and New Town will have to drive straight from the Akankha More keeping the New Town automobile hub on the left. After driving for 1.5km they will have to take a right and go to St Joan’s School Newtown.

From there the four-lane highway is a straight drive for around 6km till Doltala in Madhyamgram. To drive to Barasat and subsequently to NH 12 motorists again will have to take Jessore Road.

The road is expected to reduce travel time between Barasat and New Town by at least 25 minutes. This road spans around 8km and is a shorter route.

The state public works department is building the four-lane expressway.

Construction Started Already

The initial phase of the construction of the expressway has already started. It is expected to be completed within this year.

Homebuyers can benefit from infrastructure development in a particular area.

They can buy a home at the beginning of the project construction and handsomely profit upon completion as property prices always go up after infrastructure is developed in any area.

It is expected that property prices will rise when this expressway is completed. Better connectivity usually commands better real estate prices.

Whether you are looking for a home to live in or a profitable real estate investment opportunity, the Madhyamgram-Barasat area can be a great choice.

If you are looking for a property in the Madhyamgram-Barasat area, contact us for new and resale properties.

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