Why You Must Consider Amazingly Transformed B T Road to Buy a Flat

If there is one prominent location in Kolkata that was completely transformed for the better in the last few years, it is Barrackpore Trunk Road (B T Road).

B T Road is no ordinary road. Built in the year 1775, B T Road is one of the oldest metalled roads in India.

Once used by the high and mighty of the British Empire to travel from their capital Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Barrackpore (the oldest Indian cantonment of the British), it is one of the most exciting, luxurious and modern residential destinations in Kolkata.

The old is evolving into the new; sleepy lanes are becoming modern residential complexes; and scattered roadside markets are giving way to sophisticated shopping centres.

B T Road was once looked down upon as a semi-industrial location with factories and workshops dotting both sides of it.

However, in the last few years, quite a good number of apartment complexes came up in this area.

There was a massive demographic change and huge uplift in the livability quotient.

Today, B T Road is one of the best-connected locations where you can buy a flat. Extensive educational, medical, and shopping infrastructure are also close at hand.

However, there are a few catalysts for this outstanding transformation.

Moreover, the change is continuing for an even higher livability quotient.

It is one of the preferred locations for homebuyers now.

Let us examine the secret of this amazing transformation of B T Road in greater detail.

Connectivity Improved Manifold

Once upon a time, B T Road, especially the Tala-Dunlop stretch, was notorious for frequent traffic snarls. However, the situation improved slowly and dramatically over the years and traffic congestion is a thing of the distant past.

Apart from the betterment of the road infrastructure, what tilted the dice in B T Road’s favour is Dakshineswar Metro. After the Dakshineswar-Noapara stretch was completed, the ease of commuting to and from any part of Kolkata enhanced enormously.

Additionally, you can always access the Metro from Shyambazar, Sovabazar, Belgachia, and Dum Dum, Adequate buses and taxis are also available on B T Road.

Now it is quite easy to travel to and from the business districts of Kolkata — BBD Bag and the Park Street-Camac Street area.

In fact, you can also travel to Salt Lake Sector 5 from Sovabazar Metro via Ultadanga. Alternatively, you can travel to Sector 5 if you board East-West Metro (green line) from Sealdah.

Another wonderful development is the newly built Tala Bridge. It is a wider and stronger Tala bridge, 4-lane wide now compared to the previous three-lane version. It has a higher load-bearing capacity also.

Extensive Educational Infrastructure

The areas in and around B T Road have many educational institutions — schools, colleges, and even university campuses.

It is also easy to access areas like college street (Presidency College, Medical College Kolkata) with the advantage of Metro at the doorstep.

Some of the prominent educational institutions are:

  • St. Xaviers School-Sodepur
  • Aryan School-Kamarhati
  • Adamas International School-Rathtala
  • GD Goenka Public School-Dakshineswar
  • Khalsa Model School-Dunlop
  • WWA Cossipore English School-Dum Dum 7 tanks
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya-Dum Dum 7 tanks
  • Baranagar Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama High School-Baranagar
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Birla Institute of Technology
  • Manindra Chandra College
  • Jaipuria College
  • Kolkata University Campus
  • Rabindra Bharati University

High-Quality Healthcare is Close by

It is important to have good quality healthcare infrastructure near your home and time is often of the essence in case of medical emergencies.

In fact, B T Road is so well connected now that you can fast access a good number of hospitals and nursing homes even in central Kolkata.

Some of the nearby healthcare facilities are:

  • New Mayfair Hospital
  • R G Kar Medical College and Hospital
  • ILS Hospital
  • Baranagar State General Hospital
  • Zenith Super Specialist Hospital

Shopping and Entertainment are not Far Away

It is rather convenient to explore shopping opportunities near Shyambazar. You can enjoy bargain-hunting, eating out, and watching a movie.

There is always a charm of old-age shopping but there is also a demand of new-age shopping in shopping centres in air-conditioned comfort.

There are adequate facilities here for you to indulge in an afternoon of shopping.

  • Max Shopping Outlet-Sodepur
  • Trends-Sodepur
  • Pantaloons-Sodepur
  • Pantaloons-Tobin Road

Fast-Growing Logistic Infrastructure

B T Road was once dotted with jute mills and various other factories but most of them are defunct now. This has opened up considerable land parcels to be developed.

B T Road is a convenient location for serving the entire north of Kolkata. From Dakshineswar to New Town, Barasat to Shyambazar — the possible catchment area is massive.

Because of land availability and wide highway connectivity, B T Road is turning into a major logistic hub for a number of industries — e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical, etc.

The majority of logistic centres are coming up in the Dunlop-Titagarh stretch.

Already, top companies have acquired space in these centres.

This is helping create additional local jobs and infrastructure in this area.

An estimated 10-15 lakh sq. ft. logistic space is being developed on B T Road.

What the Future Beholds

It is clear that B T Road is undergoing a transformation.

The earlier character of the location has changed substantially in the recent past.

The image of B T Road as a polluted and congested industrial area has given way to a location where quite a number of residential complexes came up. Some of them are even high-end gated communities.

There is surely a marked change in demographics because of this.

We expect that the momentum of change will continue.

The high demand for flats in the B T Road area will make the flat prices go up and you can expect reasonably high returns on your investment.

Why You Should Buy a Property on B T Road Now

B T Road is one of the favourite locations of homebuyers now.

Let’s see why they prefer B T Road.

  • B T Road is well developed for a long time, and all comforts of modern living are available in many upcoming residential complexes here.
  • There is an ample number of schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres close by.
  • It is conveniently connected to major business hubs, infrastructural facilities, and the buzzing hotspots of Kolkata.
  • Relatively fewer problems such as waterlogging, drainage problems, or law and order issues.

There are varied choices of affordable apartments, luxury homes, and innovative theme-based residential spaces promising ‘next-level’ living at B T Road, spurring considerable demand among homebuyers.

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