The Advantage of Living in a Gated Community in This Scorching Summer

Sujoy lived a traditional North Kolkata home since childhood and never thought of living in a flat, till circumstances forced him to.

Theirs was a large house where Sujoy lived with his parents, uncles and aunts, and cousins. It was quite a medley of people.

He always loved the dingy lanes, the congested array of houses interspersed with shops, the enthusiasm during Durga Puja, and the attachment of all neighbours as if they all were part of a single family.

The languorous way of living in North Kolkata without the trappings of so-called modern shopping malls and multiplexes was a part of his way of life.

At the same Sujoy was very proud of the symbols of heritage all around his home.

Nostalgic old houses, schools and colleges, and restaurants reminding of a bygone era.

After all, the Bengal Renaissance took place mainly in North Kolkata.

The Breakdown of the Old Way of Living

However, nothing lasts forever, Nor the old, set way of living even if you are habituated to it.

The world moves on and new ways come up breaking down the old, complacent way of life.

The old house of Sujoy’s family has been crumbling because of disrepair and there was not enough resources to undertake a thorough repair.

Moreover, there is space constraint now as the joint family is growing, although some of the younger members are living elsewhere because of education or profession.

Considering all these, Sujoy’s family decided to sell the house where a shopping centre would come up.

Sujoy planned to buy an apartment in a gated community in South Kolkata.

He would live there with his mother (he lost his father while in college), wife, and his 5-year-old son.

A New Home, a New Way of Life

With tears in their eyes, and repeated promises to keep in touch, the large family started to separate into a number of nuclear families.

Soon enough, all the rooms of the old house will be empty.

Only memories will remain.

As you adopt modern life, as you accept progress, you leave a part of your heart behind. Modernism is so emotionless!

Leaving the fondness for the old way of life behind, Sujoy decided to undergo a lifestyle transformation.

In fact, his son is already excited, looking at the children’s play area with all the amenities installed.

Living in a Gated Community is Cool

A gated community has a plethora of amenities, that you can never expect in a standalone building.

A standalone building in a traditional area in Kolkata hardly has enough space to build so many amenities as a gated community.

If you have always lived in a standalone house in Kolkata, living in a gated community is transformational.

In fact, the higher convenience quotient apart, it is much more comfortable to live in a gated community.

Especially, during the hot, scorching summer when the temperature is close to 40 degrees in Kolkata.

Let us see how living in a gated community is so comfortable in summer.

Today’s Gated Communities Focus on Nature

The designs of the gated communities are such that the temperature is much less inside the complex even on a hot summer afternoon.

There is usually a central lawn, trees, and gardens to complete the landscaping. In fact, there are also roof gardens in some complexes.

These trees offer shade and the open landscaping provides a cooling breeze in the evenings.

Also, usually, there is a natural waterbody in most residential complexes.

Living beside a waterbody has its own benefits, especially for your mental health. It is extremely relaxing and stress-busting just to sit beside a waterbody and watch the birds and listen to their chirping.

Gated communities keep enough open space as opposed to standalone buildings. In the case of the standalone buildings, almost all of the available land is used for construction and there is hardly any open space.

Amenities that Help You Beat the Heat

Apart from the open spaces in a sprawling gated community, there are also a number of amenities that helps you to unwind and beat the discomfort of a grueling summer day.

Generally, the gym, residents’ club, and other indoor games rooms are air-conditioned these days. You can do your workouts in cool comfort as well as enjoy a chat in the AC lounge of the club in the evening.

And of course, there is no better sport than having a splash in the swimming pool. Children are especially fond of it.

Even the community hall is AC and there is no need to sweat in a social gathering anymore. Sweating during power outages is also not a problem as most gated communities have got emergency power facilities.

Nature-Centric Lifestyle

In short, life in a gated community is nature-centric and it helps to win over the sweltering heat we experience in Kolkata.

The common areas, the gardens, and the amenities — all help you to live in comfort and you can always take shelter under a shade or in AC comfort.

Besides, increasing adoption of LED lights, rainwater harvesting, and other environment-friendly practices ensure that the carbon footprint of a gated community remains low.

Once they started living in a gated community, Sujoy and his family started enjoying all the comforts and conveniences. Life is much easier here.

Already, they developed a close bond with their neighbours and are looking forward to the grand celebration of Durga Puja in the complex.

While they lived in a neighbourhood earlier and considered the neighbourhood as their extended family, now their complex is a close-knit family.

If you are looking for an apartment in a gated community for a comfortable life in all seasons, contact us, and we will help you find one.

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