Now You Can Benefit from Our End to End Property Solutions

When you buy a home, you don’t look at homes only.

Of course, your priority is to choose a property that matches your budget, at the preferred location and matches all the other requirements such as amenities.

Although these considerations are essential, they are not everything.

You need to consider other factors too.

Factors like home loan, legalities, or interior decoration of the property before you start living there.

Every element of the homebuying process is important, and an ill-advised move can cause a considerable financial dent.

But there is one prerequisite to choosing the right partner..

You must work with a reputed intermediary with a huge knowledgebase and enjoys the trust of the customers.

A Repository of Trust

We have helped more property buyers than any other marketing intermediary in Kolkata.

In the process, we have developed a huge repository of trust among property buyers.

What is the secret of homebuyers’ preference for us?

It is the single-minded focus on developing, nurturing, and growing relationships. This is the ostensible reason why property buyers consider us as their first choice as advisors.

This relationship-centric business model translates not merely to transactions, but also to strategic advice, appraisal, valuation, research, management in related fields, and much more.

As a stickler for fair and ethical business practices with a long-term view, we garnered massive trust from our business associates and customers.

An Enviable Storehouse of Knowledge

In our long existence of over 3 decades, we have dealt with thousands of customers.

They have trusted us to get them the right property.

In the process, we have developed a huge storehouse of knowledge unmatched in the Kolkata real estate sector.

We built a huge database through comprehensive coverage of the terrain.

Across pin codes. Across streets. Across bylanes. From modest apartment blocks to mega residential complexes, offices, showrooms, land, bungalows, and godowns among others.

We interact directly with buyers and sellers of all economic, social, and demographic statuses. This has helped us amass extensive data on demand and supply in the real estate market. At any time, we have information on almost 90 per cent of the available properties in Kolkata.

At NK Realtors, we invite continuous inputs from consultants, market participants, and property databases. Besides, we work closely with professionals in the building and legal community. We leverage solid community relationships, local knowledge, integrated services, market research, and collective wisdom.

If you are a homebuyer, you can immensely benefit from our knowledgebase and enhanced service offerings.

Introducing Property-Related Ancillary Services

Buying a home, especially if you are doing it for the first time, is rather stressful.

The money involved is huge, and you are naturally worried that something might go wrong.

In any case, it gives huge confidence if a reputed, customer-centric company such as NK Realtors is involved in the whole process.

This will prevent home buyers from taking any unwise decision.

In fact, many of our customers requested us to help them with various ancillary services in addition to property purchases.

We have finally decided to extend our expertise in other areas besides property transactions.

Our ancillary services division will assist homebuyers with home loans and interior decor services.

We have already tied up with highly renowned service providers for these purposes.

Home Loan Ancillary Services

These days, the majority of homes are purchased with home loans. In Kolkata, the overwhelming segment is affordable, and transactions predominantly take place with a home loan component.

Taking a home loan allows homebuyers to purchase their dream homes, start living in them, and stop staying on rent.

They can pay EMIs instead of rent and own the property after repayment. There are also substantial tax benefits.

However, there are various home loan providers in the private and public sector financial institutions such as banks, housing finance companies (HFCs), and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs).

The terms and conditions of each vary from one another; it is sometimes a little confusing to choose the right one.

As a solution to this problem, NK Realtors has tied up a number of top-class home loan providers.

We will help you to get the most suitable home loan deal for you.

Home Interior Decor Services

Before you start living in your home, you should decorate it so that it is elegant, livable, and gives you great positive vibes.

This is only possible when you spare substantial thought on creating a beautiful space that uplifts your spirit.

A nicely decorated home impresses your friend, relatives, and workplace colleagues.

It is often difficult to choose the right interior decorator and the chance of unsatisfactory work is very high.

There were many cases where homebuyers spent a lot of money but the end result was not satisfactory.

NK Realtors have tied up with best-in-class interior decorators such as Asian Paints to offer you awesome interior decor service.

You can rest assured that the interiors of your home will look exactly as you dream of them.

Why You Should Work with NK Realtors

The biggest advantage of working with us is our unbeatable knowledge and expertise gathered over decades.

We will assist you in getting the best deal from all service providers and help you avoid any regrettable pitfalls.

We work with you and the service provider to work out the most suitable solution based on your budget, preference, and other factors.

It is like having an experienced friend by your side while discussing with the bankers or the interior decorators.

It instills a sense of confidence, and you are assured of the best service at no extra cost.

It’s a win-win for you. Contact us today.

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