NK Realtors, the Top Real Estate Company in Kolkata for 35 Years

The real estate industry is so trust intensive that only a rare few real estate companies in Kolkata can survive the test of time. 

NK Realtors is one of those rare few real estate consultants in Kolkata that is serving its customers for a long period of three and half decades.

Since its inception in 1987, our company has served more than 75,000 customers and today is the most trustworthy property consultant in Kolkata. To date, we have negotiated deals for hundreds of land parcels and real estate projects in Kolkata, rented over 2.5 crore sq ft of space, and marketed around 3 crore sq ft of residential and retail space.

What is the secret of NK Realtors’ amazing longevity while most similar real estate consultants have fallen by the wayside?

It is worth a closer look.

We will look into it but before we do that let’s discuss how a strong foundation was built in the initial years for a long staying power.

The Huge Repository of Knowledge and Experience

One of the biggest assets of NK Realtors is the huge knowledgebase of the real estate industry in Kolkata built over decades. Be it retail, commercial, or residential projects in Kolkata, You can always count on us to have comprehensive knowledge of all the aspects.

It is our constant endeavour to research the locational advantages, upcoming infrastructure development plans, future improvement in connectivity and social infrastructure,

This detailed knowledge not only helps the homebuyers but also helps the developers planning a real estate project in Kolkata.

How does that happen?

We will learn that in a moment.

However, let us now see how the other pillar of success — customer-centricity — was ingrained into our DNA.

An Unwavering Customer-Centricity

The focus of NK Realtors has always been our customers.

Our unflinching focus on the welfare of our customers was the secret ingredient of our continuous growth.

We always remember that the customer allocates hard earned money in a real estate investment, and it is our responsibility to see to it that he gets the best returns on his investment.

When you choose a real estate company to enter into a property transaction, find out how customer-centric the company is.

Working with the Best Developers in Kolkata

Since the early days, NK Realtors always worked with the top developers in Kolkata with a spotless reputation of project execution, quality construction, and timely delivery.

In addition to it, we always perform detailed legal due diligence on all the properties marketed by us, so that the interest of the customer is always protected.

Today, we are associated with almost all the most preferred developers in Kolkata.

At any point in time, we are working with about 50 developers.

Multifaceted Service

NK Realtors is truly a vertically integrated real estate consultant offering a plethora of property-related services. We offer a variety of services including property deals, strategic advice, valuation, research, property management, and much more.

NK Realtors have different service verticals for catering to the various needs of homebuyers.

While we help our customers to get their homes financed at the best possible terms, we also help with their requirements for legal and home decor services.

We also have a dedicated department for dealing in resale properties.

Let us dive deep into the details of these service offerings.

Then we will discuss a very special service for developers.

NK Assist

Most properties in Kolkata are quite affordable.

However, almost all those property purchases are financed by home loans for banks or home finance institutions. It is often difficult for a homebuyer to choose the right loan package and the most suitable home loan provider because there are a plethora of offerings from various financial institutions.

Professional guidance is extremely useful in such a case.

We have a dedicated vertical called NK Assist for helping our customers to get home loans as per their convenience. We are already offering home loan assistance.

In addition to home loans, NK Assist also offers interior decor services. A nicely decorated home impresses your friend, relatives, and workplace colleagues.

It is often difficult to choose the right interior decorator and the chance of unsatisfactory work is very high.

There were many cases where homebuyers spent a lot of money but the end result was not satisfactory.

We have actually tied up with industry leaders in both these verticals do that you are sure to receive best-in-class services.


One of the largest property markets in Kolkata consists of resale property offerings.

Resales properties include both under-construction as well as ready-to-move properties.

There are definite benefits to buying and selling resale properties. However, you can only sell an under-construction property (where Completion Certificate is not received) if it is not under lien by the developer.

Buying a resale property has many advantages, especially if it is ready to move. You can start living immediately and no GST is applicable on resale properties where Completion Certificate is received. The savings on GST itself is substantial.

However, resale property transactions require comprehensive legal due diligence which is often quite arduous for the homebuyers to execute.

Homestoreys from the house of NK Realtors offers resale property consultancy for both buying and selling. Homestoreys also offers property-related legal services.

Now, you can conveniently buy a resale property knowing fully well that the essential legal due diligence is taken care of Homestoreys by their highly professional team of lawyers. 

NK Research Team

Successful real estate development involves proper marketing with innovative ideas.

The process should start much before the development takes place. A detailed study of the local sub-market is absolutely essential. There have been cases where poor product-market fit has slowed down property sales, resulting in meagre cash flow for the developer.

Marketing a real estate project needs a deep understanding of the customer psyche. It also requires high-quality brochures and audio-visual ads, strategically placed billboards, and skillful online marketing.

Often, developers are not sure of the vendors’ skills and experiences before entrusting them with the responsibility of executing these.

With NK Research Team by your side, there are absolutely no worries at all.

NK Research Team has a varied panel of best vendors in different fields, chosen after a long process of selection. Their track record and feedback from other developers were taken into account.

Property Marketing Leader in Kolkata

For over 3 decades, NK Realtors has developed a leadership position in real estate consultancy in Kolkata.

Today, NK Realtors offers 360-degree real estate marketing services.

These services comprise new project pre-launch advisory, marketing of new and resale properties, legal services, and homebuyers’ support services such as home loans and interior decor.

NK Realtors have built thousands of customer relationships as well as deep bonds with the top real estate developers in Kolkata.

If you are planning to buy/sell/launch a real estate project in Kolkata, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We will positively surprise you with some innovative ideas.

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