Howrah, the Western Side of the Ganges is Becoming the New Property Hotspot

Whenever we think of Kolkata, we think of the iconic Howrah Bridge. 

Howrah is an old city, and much older than Kolkata. 

An old city has its charm as well as difficulties. Howrah has its fair share of both. 

However, there are some positive changes taking place in Howrah. These changes are taking place largely in the North Western part of Howrah. 

One of the catalysts of these changes is speedy connectivity with Kolkata via Vidyasagar Setu, popularly known as the 2nd Hooghly Bridge. 

A resplendent engineering feat, the 2nd Hooghly Bridge is the new icon connecting Kolkata with Howrah. 

It offers easy and direct connectivity between the southern part of Kolkata and Howrah and significantly improved the livability quotient of North Western Howrah.  

You can reach your office at Chowringhee or Camac Street in a matter of minutes from Santragachi or Andul now, and this convenience has ignited the interest of homebuyers. Many of them are highly interested in buying property in these areas. With a number of gated communities already coming up, these areas are fast turning into property hotspots. 

Let’s delve deeper to understand how that is happening. 

3 Reasons for Buying a Flat in Howrah 

Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee works at Woodlands Hospital and is associated with a couple of other Nursing Homes. A busy doctor, he preferred to stay at a place easily accessible to them. After a lot of consideration, he bought an apartment in a gated community near Andul. He can go to his workplace by just crossing the bridge, so to speak. 

Rana Dasgupta works in an office at Camac Street. He goes to his parent’s home at Durgapur every weekend. He started living in his own flat near Kona Expressway and found it easy to go to Durgapur regularly. 

Sanjay Nath, a businessman who needs to travel a lot, found it convenient to stay at Howrah. He loves the open spaces at Santragachi, watches birds on Sundays at Santragachi jheel, and is happy that he could buy his apartment at such a bargain price compared to a similar apartment on the Eastern side of the Ganges. 

The shifting of the administrative headquarter of West Bengal to Nabanna has increased the focus of the policymakers on this region. Moreover, Santragachi railway station became more important in the scheme of things of the railways, and this has catalyzed infrastructure development in this area. For example, you can now travel to many parts of Kolkata from the huge bus terminus at Santragachi. 

Connectivity will Improve Further 

Shifting the administrative headquarter to Nabanna at Howrah was a game changer for this area and vastly improved connectivity. More public transport became available and this is going to enhance more. 

Another potential game changer for Howrah is going to be the inauguration of Kolkata Metro Line 2, also known as East-West Metro or Green Line, It is already partially operational between Salt Lake Sector 5 and Sealdah and radically transformed the commute of a large number of people from various places. 

It is expected that full operation of the Metro line will hugely help the commuters from Howrah. They will be able to get down and change lines at Esplanade and access practically every part of Kolkata. 

The Metro line itself will connect two major railway stations, Sealdah and Howrah, as well as the business districts — BBD Bag and Salt Lake Sector 5. The other business district of Kolkata — Park Street area — will also be well connected as commuters will find it very easy to travel only one station to Park Street after changing line at Esplanade. 

Besides Vidyasagar Setu, you can travel between Kolkata and Howrah via the Howrah Bridge (Rabindra Setu) and Bali Bridge (Vivekananda Setu). The recently constructed Nivedita Setu is mostly used for commercial vehicles.  

Apart from the above, Shalimar, Santragachi, and Howrah Station are the major railheads close to this area. 

Education, Healthcare, Shopping, and Entertainment 

With the change in demographic, the elements of a better quality of life are already in place. 

There is no dearth of educational institutions at North-Western Howrah. 

  • Poddar International School 
  • Julien Day School 
  • DPS Howrah 
  • St.Xavier High School 
  • South End Center High School 
  • Indian Institute of Engg Science & Technology 
  • IITE 

Good quality healthcare facilities are also close by. 

  • Baltikuri ESI Hospital  
  • Narayana Super Speciality Hospital 
  • West Bank Hospital 
  • Shree Jain Hospital 
  • South Howrah State General Hospital 
  • Narayana Superspeciality Hospital  
  • Narayana Multispeciality Hospital 

Reliance Market and Avani Riverside Mall (PVR cinemas) are the prominent shopping and entertainment centers in this area. 

North-Western Howrah is Still Relatively Affordable 

Compared to apartments in Kolkata with similar carpet areas inside gated communities, at a distance of about half an hour from the Park Street area, residential properties in North-Western Howrah are still affordable. Additionally, this area is rather close to the Park Street business district. 

Let us consider this point in a little more detail. You can travel to Rabindra Sadan, Camac Street, Shakespeare Sarani, and Park Street area in 30-45 minutes from this area by crossing Vidyasagar Setu. After the East-West Metro is completed, connectivity with the business districts of Kolkata will be shortened to about 30 minutes.  

Apartments in Kolkata at a similar distance from the Park Street area are priced much higher. 

In fact, the largest real estate project in Howrah, Joyville, being built over 30 acres for 3400 homes, is taking shape in the Santragachi-Salap area only. Although towers launched earlier were already sold out, you can still buy an apartment here as new towers were launched.

A gated community called Essence, is coming up in the picturesque suburb of Andul Road, just a short time away from Kolkata. Essence is a project with a high lifestyle quotient, replete with best-in-class amenities. In this project, you will get an open view of the Ganges from your home. This project has easy accessibility to all major parts of Kolkata, even Salt Lake Sector 5 and the airport via AJC Bose Flyover, Maa Flyover, and EM Bypass.

Contact us to know more details on these projects.

Why You Should Buy a Flat in North-Western Howrah 

Santragachi-Salap area, Andul area are prominent locations where gated communities with high lifestyle quotient are coming up. 

Apart from the benefit of proximity to Kolkata, these areas are dotted with waterbodies and green patches. In fact, Santragachi Jheel (which welcomes a large number of migratory birds) and the famous Botanical Garden are situated in this area. 

The area is well connected to Kolkata via Vidyasagar Setu. Connectivity with Kolkata will further increase once infrastructure projects like Metro line 2 up to Howrah Maidan are completed. 

Through AJC Bose Road and Maa Flyovers, you can reach Salt Lake Sector 5, the New Town, and the Airport rather fast. 

A good number of schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, shopping, and entertainment centers are close at hand. 

North-Western Howrah has now come up as the next big thing in the greater Kolkata-Howrah real estate landscape. Affordable as well as premium homes and a continuously growing infrastructure are promising ‘next-level’ living, spurring the demand among customers aspiring for lifestyle accommodation at an affordable price tag. 

In fact, North-Western Howrah is one of the few areas where you can invest in relatively affordable residential complexes with a promise of a great return on investment.

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