How NK Homestoreys’ Property Related Legal Services will Make Your Homebuying Easier

Homebuyers expect increasingly better services these days.

Gone are the days when just marketing services would have been enough for them. But it is no longer enough.

Buying a property is generally a lifetime decision for almost all homebuyers.

The decision to buy a home affects you for a long time, and usually for the rest of your life.

Generally, homebuyers are rather young and most of them have hardly any experience of high-value purchases, let alone buying a property.

Indeed, buying a property is quite a complex process as you need to take quite a few ‘right’ decisions. Any wrong decision can affect your finances, your life, and your happiness negatively.

Often, homebuyers regret buying a property on the wrong budget, unsuitable place, or with questionable legalities, especially when buying resale properties.

There is often an excellent value proposition in buying resale properties if you do your due diligence right.

But isn’t it amazing if you can buy a resale property where all due diligence has been done?

A property you can just buy without bothering about any legal pitfall?

Complete legal due diligence properly done by a property advisor you can depend on? A property advisor serving homebuyers for decades?

Of course, this will be hugely convenient and take away a big source of worry from the mind of homebuyers.

Our customers asked for this service for a long time and we decided to do something about it.

NK Homestoreys

As we have discovered earlier, there is often substantial value in a resale property.

Buying a resale property can be a smart move in many respects, subject to certain conditions.

Let’s see what the benefits are in little more detail.

There are substantial savings as there is no GST on resale flats if the Completion Certificate (CC) is obtained.

Considering that the GST is charged at 5% and as much as 18% on some additions, the savings are substantial.

In the case of a resale flat, we can assume that the peripheral infrastructure is up and running.

If you buy a resale flat, you are never an early resident waiting for the infrastructure to catch up.

One major benefit of buying a resale flat is that you can start living immediately and do not have to wait for possession in an under-construction property. Additionally, there is no fear of delayed delivery.

In the case of a resale flat, any construction defect such as water leakage or poor workmanship is revealed and you can be aware of these issues. All such issues are already identified and repaired.

Moreover, buying a resale flat allows you to start living immediately.

This has a considerable effect on your monthly finances.

You do not have to pay rent for a rental apartment and pay home loan EMI at the same time for an under-construction property, thus overburdening your monthly finances.

This saves takes a massive load off your mind and there is no fear of financial stress.

NK Homestoreys will offer a plethora of ready-to-buy resale flats.

Also, we are going to launch our legal services for homebuyers shortly.

Legal Services

When you buy any property, getting all the property documents thoroughly checked by an experienced lawyer is essential to avoid any regret in the future.

Home loan providers get this due diligence done with professional lawyers. Otherwise, they will not certify a property fit for sanctioning home loans.

You can, of course, get the documents double-checked by your trusted lawyer.

However, in the case of resale flats, you should be extremely careful as far as the legal documents are concerned.

It is absolutely essential that you must engage a competent legal professional for this.

We have noticed that there is often considerable hesitancy among homebuyers as regards finding the appropriate lawyers. More often than not, our customers request us to find a reliable lawyer for them.

Now, we have geared ourselves up for providing this service in a dependable, professional way.

You can rely on us to recommend you a very knowledgeable lawyer with an excellent track record so that you are free of any worries as regards the authenticity of your property papers.

From now on, you won’t have to worry about these services as your dependable partner, NK Realtors, will help you to get the best of end-to-end property solutions.

Comprehensive Property-Related Services

Through our various business verticals, we are gearing up to be a comprehensive property-related service provider homebuyers can depend on.

We are already offering home loan assistance and interior decor services. We have actually tied up with industry leaders in these verticals.

Legal assistance will also help homebuyers tremendously, especially in the case of resale flats. Our new vertical, NK Homestoreys, is going to offer legal services to homebuyers.

You can even sell your existing flat through us.

If you have a saleable property, you need to just enroll your property with all relevant details and a small fee.

We will employ all our massive resources to enable you to sell your property to the right buyer, but you must give an exclusive mandate to us for a fixed time beyond which the fee will be returned.

You can get personalised service from us and sell your property much earlier than you have imagined possible.

You can, as always, expect top-of-the-notch service from us.

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